How to Collect Rainwater to Lower Your Monthly Water Bill

Rain is naturally soft, so we don’t have to worry about hard chemicals or other substances being in it. Rainwater is good for many reasons, including that it can actually lower your water bill, and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

There are many ways that you can collect rainwater but the way that I am going to show you is the easiest way of all. Be advised that many people will probably be wondering what you are doing but just tell them that you are making an effort to help the planet and to lower your monthly water bill.

Most homes have a roof gutter to drain the water from the roof and it collects a lot of water during rainy seasons. A barrel is necessary to collect the water and many of these can be purchased at such places as home improvement stores or gardening stores. Make sure that the barrel that you purchase is not metal so that they do not rust.

Place the barrel either under your roof gutter or out in the open and let the rain start to pour in. If your roof contains harmful chemicals then the water may not be good.

Do not use the rainwater for drinking water without testing it first for harmful chemicals. Most cities require that the water be put through a purifier first and tested often to make sure that it will not harm anyone if you decide to use it for drinking water.

If you are wondering how this is going to lower your water bill here are some suggestions for using your rainwater:

Laundry can be washed and rinsed using the rainwater and if you plan to soak your clothes then you can use the rainwater to soak your clothes and then use a shorter washing cycle to wash them in. This will help to lower your water bill and electric bill.

Watering your garden or lawn with rainwater is an excellent idea since rainwater has no hard chemicals unless you get it from your roof and your roof contains such things as lead which can eventually harm plants.

Rainwater can also be used for washing vehicles, doing dishes, mopping, and other household work.

There are many things that you can do with rainwater but you must first consider what all you use water for and think about how you could be using rainwater to save on your monthly water bill.

Go ahead and give it a try and see how much you can save.

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