How to Create Your Own Homemade Learning Activities

If you have a young baby that is about to approach the age of nine months you are probably trying to figure out what toys to be to help then learn the skill that they need during this stage of their life. There are however some games that you can play without having to invest money in expensive toys. The benefits of these games are that they help to boost your child’s receptive language skills, and enhance motor control. Following is a list of fund games that you can play with your child.

1. Sing and clap with your baby. You can start by singing the Head, shoulder, toes song. This is a song that you can make up as you go along. It helps to teach them about the different body parts, and the kids love the fact that you are on the floor interacting with them.

2. Use cups to make objects disappear and reaper. If you use plastic cups you can place them in front of the baby and hide a small soft toy under the cup. Then you can show your baby how to lift the cup. Make sure that when your baby completes this task you show how excited you are at their accomplishment.

3. Play the red light green light game. This is a very fun game where you get on the floor with your little baby and crawl around the house with them. When they get to a certain spot or after they have crawled for a short period of time you say stop red light, and then after a few seconds you say go green light. Make sure that you show your baby how excited you are about the game. Remember the more excited you are the more excited baby will be.

4. Play the toss game. Take a few of baby’s socks and roll them into a ball. Then empty out the baby hamper and show your little one how to toss the socks in. Not only is this a fun game that helps them to practice their motor coordination, but it also teaches them how to clean up their clothes. Definitely a bonus for mom.

These are just a few suggestions of games and activities that you can play with your baby. It is very important that you take the time to interact with them and to teach them. By doing this you will help them to develop and learn faster than if you did nothing with them. It really is very simple to create fun learning activities for your baby.

Just use your imagination and remember to have fun. There are also dozens of books that are currently available that offer ideas and suggestions on games that you can play with baby. Try visiting your local library, or your local book store. You can also try doing an online search to see what books may be of interest to you.

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