How to Lose Weight While Training for Triathlon

Triathlon consists of different steps involving the completion of three continuous stages of swimming, biking and running. Training for a triathlon is an amazing way to lose weight. What could be better than being able to lose weight, while training for a competition which is so hard? Stored fat cannot be burned the way calories from food can be burned.

So if a person does not intake the proper amount of food or the proper amount of calories that are to be burned, the body will not function at its best and the person will suffer not only at the hand of the competition but also at not being able to lose some pounds. Here are some ways to lose weight while training for a triathlon.


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    Start with healthy breakfast:

    The breakfast is the most important meal of our day and should not be compromised upon during a diet plan in progress. You can however change the nature of the contents from fats to more fibers like switching to whole grain cereals instead of eggs. Our body keeps fast throughout the night and so needs a replenishment in the morning. When we skip breakfast, the body receives a negative signal. It tends to go into survival mode by storing fat till it’s fed again. Eating breakfast helps you not come to a point where you are so hungry; you want to eat everything that comes in front of your eyes. So eating breakfast is compulsory in order to lose weight. Opt for whole grain options in breakfast for bread and cereals.

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    Reduce the Plate Size:

    If you want to cut back on your serving portion and stop yourself from going all out whenever the food hits the table then the trick to that is, to have four to six small meal intakes in way. This means having breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and then dinner. The small but frequent meals take out the need for any mid meal junk food or snack. But the rule is that all these meals must be small, healthy and low calorie and less fatty food.

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    Stay Hydrated:

    Water! Drink lots and lots of water. The water gives you a filling feeling which reduces your craving to eat. It is a tactical way to reduce your portion size. Drinking water before meals or taking sips between bites will help you eat less as your stomach will be full. Take atleast eight glasses of water on average and this quantity varies on person to person. If a person is physically active, then he would be required to drink more water.

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    Burn More Calories Than you Intake:

    The triathlon provide a great opportunity to engage in an interesting sport, enjoy it and at the same time lose calories, which eventually results in weight loss. So, keep the rule of practice makes man perfect and invest more time on practice.

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    Running for 30 minutes daily is great. But initially it will be hard so start with 3-4 times a week and soon your stamina will develop. Carry a water bottle with you while running.

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    It is a great workout that helps tone your body and increases flexibility and you may be amazed to hear that swimming burns most of the calories. Being easy on the joints, swimming is also a good break from the other tough exercises. Swim for an hour daily, but start with small interval and eventually move towards the target.

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    Not necessarily for the practice but you can also use a cycle to travel to work if its near or getting the groceries instead of using your car.  Biking can turn into a fun activity if done with friends and used to explore new places in free time. Bike for at least half an hour daily.

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