How to Stop Taking Hormone Therapy

Reports suggest that Hormone Replacement Therapy may lead to the development of breast cancer. The side effects of hormone therapy vary depending on the specific product or type of therapy, although all of them have typical side effects. These effects may be different in its manifestation, from short-term and minor to moderate, and can be quite serious.

Everything is relative and every choice we make has some pros and cons. This is true for the hormonal treatment of breast cancer. Therefore, it’s useful to know what you may encounter in the course of treatment before choosing the best type of therapy.


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    Refer to a gynaecologist or endocrinologist. Specialist will give you a direction to a blood test to detect the level of male sex hormones. It is always good to get the treatment in time, as all visible signs do not always appear at initial phase.

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    Drink mint tea - it will help to reduce the excess of male hormones in the blood. Mint not only helps to solve the main problem, but also improves the quality of sleep. Brew a tablespoon of tea in 500 ml boiling water and take 100-150 ml decoction three times a day.

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    You can reduce the dose of consumable hormones by choosing an alternative product but you can experience problems such as hot flashes, fluctuations in blood pressure or urinary disorders.

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    In regards to the prevention of osteoporosis (the risk of osteoporosis) - it requires a highly individual approach. Do not forget that taking hormone replacement therapy under the supervision of a doctor and be aware of the most important studies.

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    Another therapy is to take a decoction of the root or red hypericum. These herbs normalize hormonal background. Try taking the broth for at least one month to seek positive results.

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    Drink several cups of strong coffee without milk during the day. Caffeine triggers the production of estrogens and inhibits testosterone, which leads to the normalization of hormonal levels.

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