How to Get Rid Of a Headache Instantly

Having headache is something that we often suffer, perhaps atleast once in a few days. It may go unnoticed if we are free but can prove to be a big hurdle, if there is something important to be done. There is a certain possibility that you might not have any medicine available and you cannot go out to fetch it for any given reason. Nevertheless, you have to get rid of this headache some way or the other and in no time. Considering that self-medication can be fatal so it is advised better to avoid it. There are some natural ways that can help you get rid of headache in quick time.


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    Drinking Water

    It may seem quite surprising but very much the truth, that water is the best medicine for providing relief in a number of body disorders or problems. Sometimes dehydration can result in headaches, so it is advised to drink fairly warm water as much as you can.

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    Eat something good

    Often when you are having headache, eating something good preferably your favorite dish can provide relief. In other words, it means that often change of taste can prove to have a soothing effect on any strained part of your body.

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    Breathe Fresh Air

    Headaches can also result from pollution (air or noise), if so than it is advised to breathe some fresh air deeply and make your self feel comfortable somewhere calm; to get an instant relief from the headache.

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    Lemon extract & peel

    Adding some lemon extract in water or green tea can also provide an instant relief to the headache. Besides, you can also apply some grounded paste of lemon peel on face and forehead as aromatherapy.

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    Get a sleep

    This is perhaps the most convenient and easiest way to get relief from headache. If you cannot sleep for a long while then taking a nap can also prove to be relaxing.

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