How to Create Your Perfect Driveway Basketball Court

Many families with children and a flat driveway choose to turn it into a basketball court for recreation purposes. It is often difficult to take it to the next level and add in all the correct of proportional measurements to enhance your driveway basketball playing to the optimal level. There are kits available to aid in this process, but here is what we found to be the best methods.

Some of the kits offer a stencil kit that includes 6 templates that outline the lane, the key, top portion of the 3-point line, and lines around the lane. The templates are paper stencils with holes that allow you to paint the lines on through them, giving you the necessary half court playing lines. These kits are priced around $20, and are pretty simple to use. They do not include the paint.

Another option is the Court-in-a-Box™. This kit allows home court optimization by giving you tiles to place on the surface you wish to transform into a basketball court, such as your driveway. It also offers tiles with the white lines painted on them, so after you have all the tiles in place, you have nothing more to do. It’s all right there for you. The kit comes in 3 size options, and comes with a Playmaker™ basketball hoop. These kits will range in price from $2,800 to $5,000.

There are many variations of each of these kit options. Choosing one will depend on the space available, money willing to be spent, and how professional you want your court to feel. The kits allow for a simple perfect installation, while taking away the guesswork of measuring and painting on your own lines. They make it simple, and the tile kit allows for ten different colors, giving you the opportunity to customize your basketball court to the fullest. It also gives a different feel to the driveway or other surface, since they are made out of a kind of durable rubber material. These kits also offer the option to purchase full size courts in different sizes, including professional basketball, College ball, high school, minimal full court, and minimal half court. All the options you need are offered to you.

You do have to be willing to pay the price for the tile kit however. The Professional size court runs a little over $20,000. That’s the most expensive one, and the other courts run much less, but still well over $5,000.

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