How to Establish a Focal Point in Your Living Room

Establishing a focal point in your living room is as simple as picking a star, a star to brighten up your room. A focal point in a room is quit simply what you notice first upon entering your living room and, surprisingly, ends up pulling the entire room together. Many times a living room may already have a focal point of its own. Your living room may have a vaulted or beamed ceiling, arched doorways, beautiful crown molding or hardwood floors. If this is case, you are among the fortunate ones and will be able to add pieces to these features creating a stunning living room for your home.

But if your home offers less features in the living room then you will be seeking out a focal point of your own and your selection will be endless. It can be a beautiful painting, a small water feature, a gorgeous rug, or high end lighting. It can also be as simple as a comfortable but beautiful leather sofa. If your living room has a fireplace, this in itself, can become your main focal point. One may always built upon this by adding a great painting above it or a decorative and stylish mirror.

I suggest that in decorating one follows the design they have previously established unless you are prepared to start from the beginning. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly the look of your living room can change in an instant by removing those old and tired lamps and replacing them with newer more stylish ones. A few new pillows on a sofa that are not the run of the mill plain ones will also do the trick. A unique screen can add color and create elegance in your space. A beautiful painting will add great taste and style to your living room. Just make sure that it is a good match for your room because if it is something you have found along the way, I suspect it may appear that exact way once it is hanging in your living room.

Many times window treatments can become a focal point in a living room. The best ones are the ones that blend nicely color wise but also match the style of the room and the size of the window. Look through a few design magazines for ideas and don’t be afraid to save a few pages of looks that you liked right away. In the future when you are shopping for window treatments making the decisions will be easier for you since you will have a few samples along of designs that you would like to see in your living room.

Once you have selected your focal point it becomes easier to add to your room because you have already made one of your biggest decorating decisions. The fun part is adding to it by selecting additional pieces that compliment your focal point. Keep in mind, if you add a piece and look at it and feel compelled to make a face right away, you will need to rethink your decision. When you have completed your decorating changes you should feel good about it, then sit back and enjoy it.

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