How to Evict a Relative When You’re the Landlord

If you are a landlord who currently rents to a family member, and are having some problems with evicting them, this article is for you. There are dozens of people around the world who own property and at one time or another will decide to rent to a family member. But in some cases problems do arise. Unfortunately some people feel that because they are your family, then you will not mind if they fall a little behind on the rent, or if they do not keep the place as clean as you would. What they fail to realize is that this is a business relationship. If you have gotten to the point of no return and have decided to evict your family member there are several things that you will have to do in order to make this transition as peaceful as possible.

First sit down and talk to them, explain why you are no longer able to rent the property to them. You do not have to say things in a nasty or hurtful way. Even though you may be very upset, you should not show it to them.

If there is damage to your property or if it is just a mess show this to them. You have already probably mentioned these things in the past, but now would be a time to point them out. Also if you have kept proper records than you should have documented everything. Show them these documents, especially if you have already spent a substantial amount of money on the place to make repairs or clean it up.

The point that you need to convey to them is that with them living there you are losing money. Also let them know that your property value is slowly decreasing. Be prepared for them to be a little upset with you at first. This is a perfectly normal response. They will also probably point out the fact that you are family, and you are supposed to be their for one another. When they begin to say things like that, you can point out how difficult this is for you, and how they are not treating you like a beloved family member.

Remember if you do not allow yourself to get upset then the situation will not get out of control. Try your best to keep your cool and remain as calm as possible. Be prepared for them to become very angry with you, and do not be surprised if you have to eventually take legal action against them. The bottom line is to not rent anything to relatives. Event the best relationships have been damaged because of renting to family members. The best way for you to keep peace in your family is do not have any business dealings with them in the first place.

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