How to Fix a Hole or Rip in a Screen Using Rubber Cement and Pantyhose

Screens are rather delicate and a hole can develop in a screen very easily. Someone pushes on the screen a bit too hard or they touch the screen with a sharp object. As they are walking by the screen carrying an object they can rip the screen and not even know it until later. Maybe the dog jumps up on the screen door making rips in it with its claws. The dog didn’t know that its claws would rip the screen.

If a screen gets a hole or rip in it then the bugs can get into the house. If you close the outside door then air can’t get into the house. Here is a quick fix idea to help you temporarily fix a rip or hole in a screen.

All you need to fix a hole or rip in a screen is some pantyhose and rubber cement. The pantyhose can be old pantyhose that has a run in it as long as you don’t use the part of the pantyhose that has the run. The run might let bugs in the house depending on how big the run is.

First you take the pantyhose and gently cut a square that is big enough to cover the hole or rip that you are mending in the screen. You can temporarily hold the piece of pantyhose onto the screen by applying some rubber cement to the pantyhose before you place the pantyhose on the screen.

Then when you are ready to place a better patch on the screen you can easily peel off the pantyhose patch and place a better patch onto the screen. Or if you are going to replace the whole screen the pantyhose can be used until you get a chance to replace the whole screen.

If you want the pantyhose patch to last longer then it will with the rubber cement then just sew the pantyhose patch on the screen.

Pantyhose has tiny holes that will let air into your home but will not let the bugs in. The pantyhose will hold on the screen with a little help from the rubber cement. Pantyhose can be peeled off of the screen at a time when you want it to be taken off.

Pantyhose is inexpensive and so is the rubber cement to this is an inexpensive screen patch. If your pantyhose has been previously enjoyed you can be happy in the fact that you are recycling the pantyhose and making the pantyhose useful again.

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