10 Ways to Go Eco Friendly at Work

Living an eco friendly lifestyle is something many of us try to do at home, but what about work? Because we are only at the job for about 8 hours a day, that makes it so easy to eco friendly at work!

Get your co workers involved and all of these ideas for being eco friendly at work will be so much easier!

#10 Set the Thermostat

This easy way to go eco friendly at work is two fold. First of all, lower the thermostat when everyone is leaving the office to go home. No one is there, so there is no need to waste the energy to heat it. Try lowering the thermostat to 50 degrees to save a noticeable amount of money and energy.

Now, while you are at work, try lowering the thermostat in the winter and raising it in the summer. Simply changing your thermostat a few degrees in the same direction as the temperature outside will drastically save energy and money as well as the environment.

#9 Open and Close the Blinds

Try opening those blinds at the office. This is a great way to let in the warm sunshine. The opposite is true in the summer. Some eco friendly blinds can reflect up to 100% of the sun rays, which keeps the office cool.

#8 Clean With Eco Friendly Cleaners

Using eco friendly cleaners to clean the office is as valuable as using them to clean the home. Try using a simple put sweeper to pick up small messes off the office floor on a regular basis to save using the large electric vacuum cleaner.

The cleaners you sue to clean office furniture, windows, and computers is also a great time to use eco friendly cleaners. The emit less toxins into the environment and I bet you will appreciate that they do not smell and burn your nose.

#7 Get Rid of Disposable Dishes and Utensils

So, many of use Styrofoam and paper cups to drink coffee at work. Why not introduce ceramic mugs into the mix! Encourage employs to bring a favorite mug that is appropriate for work. It will reveal a little about their personally and add some fun!

You can also quit using packets of sweetener and creams. No need to waste all those tid bits of paper. Use large sugar pours and clearly label them with which sweetener they contain.

#6 Set Up Recycling Bins

This one is something everyone can do to go eco friendly at the office. We all know how to do this one!

#5 Use Recycled Copy Paper and Office Products

You can buy very affordable 100% recycled copy paper at any local office supply store. This has become increasing easier over the least five years. Amazingly enough there are also may recycled office supplies out there as well. So, do a quick search on the web for recycled office supplies before you load up on all new.

Tip: Try refilling those empty ink cartridges. It costs less and save plastic in the land fills.

#4 Turn off Lights When You Leave

OK, hopeful everyone does this, but if not, please start! Who are you lighting the place up for anyway?

#3 Print on Both Sides of the Paper

Back to that recycled office paper. If you print on both sides of the paper, you will cut your paper consumption by 50%! That invoice for office paper will also be cut in half.

It is also a great idea to take a second look at what really needs to be printed on paper.

#2 Replace Old With New Energy Efficient

As old electrical components end their life span in the office, start replacing them more energy efficient versions. This applies as much for the office refrigerator as the light bulbs.

#1 Turn Your Computer Off

Ok, this is so easy; everyone can use this step to go green at the office. Each day when you leave the office to go home, make sure the computer gets turned off. The energy bill will be lower as well!

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