How to Fix a Stripped Wood Screw in Seconds

It happens to all of us. We want to make sure that the project we’re working on won’t come apart. We give that screw an extra turn and OOPS! It’s very easy to strip the threads from a wood project, especially if it’s made from particle board or other man-made substance. These types of wood just aren’t meant to hold screws very well.

Well, there’s a solution, and it’s the common, everyday toothpick. Yes, a toothpick.

To fix a stripped hole in a piece of wood all you have to do is insert a toothpick into the hole, break it off at the surface of the wood, and reinsert the screw.

The toothpick will shred inside the screw hole and fill up the extra space that you made when you stripped it. If you want even more strength in the screw, add a drop of wood glue to the hole before you tighten it down.

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