How to Get Rid of Earwigs

Earwigs like some other types of bugs are the garden clean up crew for your yard. They will eat the debris laying around your garden such as rotting fruits, veggies and other types of leaves and debris. To get rid of earwigs you can clean up your yard and make sure it’s free from fruit and vegetables on the ground. Earwigs are known for being attracted to water so the more you water around your home the more earwigs you will see. If they are becoming a bad problem I would suggest buying one plant for the earwigs and one plant for yourself.

You will want to remove items where earwigs can hide such as wood piles, pots, boards and other items. Any damp dark place that an earwig hides will need to be removed. Wash everything and place it in the garage or basement. A lot of earwigs come into the home from items you bring into the home such as patio furniture and other outdoor items. You will want to check everything before you put it in your garage. Also make sure to take trash out on a regular basis and don’t let it pile up in the garage.

People do not like earwigs for a number of reasons. They look somewhat like a cockroach and they have pinchers also. If you get pinched by an earwig it is quite painful. The best thing you can do is move furniture around and vacuum on a regular basis. Kill the earwigs that you find inside your home or take them outside and let them go. There are chemicals you can use to spray around your home. Spray the chemicals around your doors, garage doors and all around the outside of your home. Make sure to keep pets and kids away from these areas. For a natural method you can make your own traps with water or you can buy traps from the store.

If you only find a few earwigs you do not have a problem. Once you start seeing a lot of earwigs you will want to take measures to get rid of them. I would suggest buying a trap because birds and other animals can die from using outdoor chemicals. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for killing somebody’s pet or an outdoor animal. Try a natural method first and if you don’t succeed than switch to something more powerful.

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