How to Get Rid of the Smoke-smell Stink in Your Home

You’re a smoker, and you enjoy your “butt,” but – the smell is stinking you out of house and home.

Everyone will tell you to quit, haven’t we all heard that a million times? But if you’re not quite ready to take that step, but want to keep your home smelling fresher, here are some tips for you!

Get the smoke out.

If you smoke inside the house, put a fan in the window to blow the smoke out of the house. It won’t have time to settle in on your furniture this way. If you can, smoke out on the porch or in the garage. We smoked inside the house before we moved; now in our new home we only smoke outside. The walls are cleaner, and so is the furniture. The one benefit of smoking outside is in cold weather; you can really cut down because you don’t want to freeze your buns off.

Set up a room for smoking.

If you can’t smoke outside, or put a fan in the window, set a designated smoking room in your house to keep your smells strictly in there. Don’t place your best, light colored furniture in there, just a few old chairs will do. If you have to smoke inside, keep it contained.

Purify your air.

If you’re a heavy, chain smoker, don’t waste your money. It will run up your electric bill and won’t work. If you enjoy the occasional puff though, this will work for you. Air purifiers are available in a whole host of price ranges, so go cheap if you only want it for your smoking habit. You can also pick up small ashtrays that “suck” the air in to prevent it from getting into your household. These won’t purify the air however.

Change the ashtray.

Or modify it. You can pick up ashtrays with lids, similar to the ones that come with your new car. It won’t stop the smoke smell problem, but it will minimize it if you don’t want to go with the more expensive air purifier route. You can also but some baking soda into the bottom of your ashtray and put your cigarette out in that, it will neutralize the smell.

Marry a smoker.

You won’t have to worry about smoke smell in the house as long as you two are happy. Obviously, if you’re already married, you might want to skip this option unless your spouse is willing to let you go.

Smoke smell stinks, I know it does… I’ve been a smoker for years. Until you’re ready to quit, you can keep the smell down. It’s only polite to the non-smokers in your family!

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