How to Get a Great New Lawn

I am getting ready for a whole series on lawns and hydro-seeding the new way and one of the best ways a new lawn should be put in, if you want a great price and great looking lawn. Now, if you want to have a really bad looking lawn for one to two years then use straw and seed. This grows 50% weeds and 50% grass. Now, the scammer landscaping outfits are not going to tell you this at all. In fact in the Midwest and great-lakes area they think there is not any thing else available except for straw/seed or sod. This is because the scammers large and small landscaping companies don’t want to pay the big dollars for the machines. You see they charge just as much for straw/seed applications and their customers are scammed very easily because they are not going to tell them that hydro-seeding is available. I could list all the companies out there that do this, but thats not what this article is about. This article is about helping people and their house. The only people who will not like this article will be the scammer landscaping and contractors who scam their customers. I will never name and give a bad rap to some one elses company. I will how ever educate people on what is the best value and best products for their house. I could put in straw and seed like many others just to make money, but that is just not right. I had person ask us to do it and knew I would make money on it, because that is just a given as you will see why. I did not get the job because I refused to lower my standards. By helping people you help yourself. When you are self serving, you only receive the portions for One, as you serve yourself. To serve others will bring many portions back to you.

The machines are so costly to the landscaping companies and cheap illegal help costs them pennies, exploiting these poor people for their own large, large personal gains. This is one of the reasons I started this series as I am so sick and tired of these landscaping companies scamming their customers and running their own form of slave labor, it just so shocking to think this going on. People don’t even realize it when their own homes are being worked on. Think about it for just one minute how much do you think it costs for one bail of straw and one bag of seed? You got it, next to nothing. Now lets look at 3-5guys show up throw this stuff all around your yard and now call this your lawn. So, now you paid $1,000s and $1,000s for a bail of straw and some guys to throw it all around your yard. Who do you think is laughing all the way to the bank? Education people is the key to success. People need people to take the time to be told about other ways of doing things that are much better for the customer and everyone else involved! It really is sickening watching these poor people slaving away when the scammer landscaping company owner is sitting in his air conditioned lake home costing millions off the back aches and sweat of these poor people.

The new hydro-seeding method takes less people to do it and gives sod like results in 4 weeks, that right, sod in 4 weeks in the right heat and watering you have a weed free lawn in 4 weeks. These hydro-seeding machines, like I said earlier cost a lot of money and don’t last forever, so why would these straw/seed scammers want anyone else to know how they are just exploiting their customers and their labor staff while laughing all the way to the bank. The best part the hydro-seeding is a green process and is friendly to all. Thats right, going green, with green. This process is the best thing for everyone its just the people who know about it the most don’t want to share. I don’t even see how some of these people can even look at themselves in a mirror each and everyday knowing how poorly they are treating everyone. What I have not had the chance to tell you the weeds you get from the straw and seed application is from the use of straw and no additives to prevent weeds. You see, the weed preventive additive would cost the landscaping company more for materials, lowering their profit, the straw cause the weeds.

The poor individuals in the great-lakes areas are suffering the most. These people have not ever even heard of hydro-seeding at all. So, you can see the scammers in that area are building their own 3rd and 4th vacation homes off the profits they are getting in that area. I am sure when the landscaping scammers out their see this article exposing them for ripping off people left and right they will not be to happy. It really is a shame, they cannot just be honest with people and tell them you have multiple ways to install their new lawns. They can sell them sod, which is, what most of them really want as it is the most expensive way to put in a new lawn. You see it takes a lot of labor, again remember they are paying next to nothing to their labor, but telling you the customers something different. Just ask someone who has put sod in. You can start at $10,000 and go up from there, depending on the yard size. It costs them no where near this but this is like buying gold in the scammers eyes. Don’t miss understand sod is the best, they just take advantage of this. Again the biggest exploitation of all is still the straw/seed application, benefits no one except for the landscaping companies owner. Unless you like weeds instead of grass for your children to play on. The thing that bothers me the most is they lie to these people and tell them there is no way to avoid the weeds, you just have to keep using expensive fertilizers, which some of them even have no shame at all and sign you up for next years weed control application. This kind of tactics just makes me sick! You don’t have to have weeds in your new lawn, hydro-seeding gives you this advantage, as not a single blade of straw is ever used in a jet spray green mulch slurry. Therefore no weeds!

Just ask a sales person that your dealing with when looking into putting in a new lawn, what types of lawn installation methods they use, if they say, straw and seed only, run away and quickly. Because you and your money will be the next thing to be separated otherwise. Now if you want to throw your money away just invite the sales person in and tell them money is no problem. I like to keep mine. The sales scam on this is the front end cost, remember it costs them what for straw and seed? Thats right next to nothing. They don’t charge next nothing to put it in. I hate to be so blunt, but I have just seen to many people get ripped off like this. The next trick is offering high price retaining walls and other very expensive services and saying the lawn is highly reduced or free! Its not free, its just another scammer tactic.

The series will keep going to educate people. Not, all landscapers and contractors are scammers. When looking at putting in a new lawn look at all the individual costs for each item. This will help you see where they are trying to scam you. It is so sad that people have to be so careful when hiring contractors and landscapers. Consumer protection is just not there to protect people in these areas before its already to late. Once a lawn is in, its all done, except continuing to open your purse up to keep paying to make it look nice and get rid of the weeds through many applications of very expensive fertilizer. Guess who wants to put the fertilizer on your grass? Thats right the same one that said, straw and seed application is the only way!

I know the scammers out there will be very upset that I have blown the whistle on them. As for everyone else just ask questions and answers will be given. There are a few good contractors and landscapers out there, the best ones are willing to break the work up, for example if they don’t hydro-seed, they allow someone else to do it and perform the services that they are good at. Ask, if you don’t have a hydro-seeding machine are you willing to find someone who does? Again if they say no, their just out to get as much money from you as they can. Good landscapers and contractors are not afraid to break up a job when it benefits their customers. For example if some asked me to put in all of their shrubs and flowers, I don’t do that, but would be willing to find someone so my customer gets the best care, not what makes me the most money. This seems to be the going trend, cut throat and scammer tactics to make sure to get every job they can, even when it benefits no one but the landscape company owner. The poor new construction housing market has turned these people into dishonest scammers who only see dollar signs and not people.

Remember always safety first.

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