How to Have a Super Bowl Party That is Safe and Fun for All

So you can’t make it to Vegas this year for the Superbowl. And the tickets are just way, way too expensive. So what’s a fan to do? Plan a party with friends, and make a day (or evening) of it.

The first thing you need to be aware of is responsibility. The time after the big game is one of the most dangerous in America to be on the roads. For example, in the year 2000, 62 people were killed in alcohol related crashes on Super Bowl Sunday. So ensure that if your party involves alcohol, that you are involved in ensuring that no one drives drunk. Once that becomes a non issue, everyone can drink and party without having to worry about it.

For the big day, plan something early to give everyone a chance to mingle a little before the game. Group games, a karaoke machine, tossing a football outside, whatever gives your guests a chance to get comfortable. Since it is the biggest gambling day of the year, consider a pool. But maybe choose some different categories. Maybe “Total number of shameless network series plugs this quarter” or something similar. Be sure to watch the commercials, then rate them. Choose the “biggest waste of obscene amounts of money” for the worst commercial. Another idea is to give away a “game ball.” Take the pigskin you all were tossing around the yard before the game, and give it to the guest who most closely guesses the final score. And have all the other guests sign it.

When you plan the snacks, keep it simple. That way you don’t have too much clean up afterward. I like some bread and chip snacks with a plentiful veggie tray, and a sausage snack tray. Of course, the options are open to particular tastes. You might consider adding something regional relating to one or both teams home towns. For example, after the Seahawks win, (hopefully) make everyone an espresso.

And don’t forget that not everyone loves football. Don’t neglect your spouse or partner just because they aren’t into the game. Have some fun with them too. After all is said and done, it is just another football game. Design your event so that the game isn’t the center of everything. Have fun, laugh and party. And remember, no one drives drunk. Go Seahawks!

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