How to Install Linoleum Tiles

Linoleum tiles are easy to install, even for an amateur. You should measure the area of the floor that you wish to cover and then buy tiles accordingly. Not only is linoleum tile easy to install, but it is also very inexpensive. As a matter of fact, it is the least costly of all flooring that can be installed. If you are looking for a way to fix up a floor before selling a house, using linoleum tiles is the way to go.

After you have measured the area and purchased the tiles, you are then ready to install the tiles. The first thing that you need to realize is that you cannot install linoleum tiles on top of anything other than a sub floor. If you try to install new linoleum tiles over old ones, they will not stay in place and you will find that the floor will shift. Most linoleum tiles are self adhesive. Many people feel that this adhesive is not enough to keep the tiles down and buy a floor adhesive to make sure the new floor stays in place. You can buy floor adhesive where you get the tiles, or you can get liquid nails that will work.

Before you install the linoleum tiles, you will have to make sure that the floor under the new floor is clean. You can wipe it down and dry it before you start. There should be no remnants of any adhesive on the floor. This can be removed with acetone or with an adhesive remover. When you start installing the linoleum tiles, start at a focal point in the room. Most rooms are not square – this means that they are not cut to the point where each wall is perfect and matches up with another wall. You will want to make sure that you start at the focal point and end up in areas that are not as noticeable in case the room is not perfectly square and you have small gaps.

Lay one tile at a time and keep them as close to one another as possible. If you do have gaps after you have finished and the floor has settled, you can use caulk to disguise this flaw. Make sure that you have a tile cutter so that you can get around corners and move out the refrigerator and all other appliances so you can tile under them. Do not try to tile around them as it will look as if you performed a shoddy job. Most appliances have adjustable legs that will enable them to fit under the cabinet, even if the floor is raised a bit higher because of the new floor. Once you get the new linoleum floor installed, you should allow it to sit for a while before moving back any heavy furniture. You can then go about your business with your newly installed linoleum

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