How to Keep Your Hotel Room Clean and Tidy

Cleaning does not top most people’s to-do list, least of all when they are staying in a hotel for a relaxing break. But if you are spending an extended period of time in a hotel, keeping your living quarters tidy will make the housekeeper’s job easier and help you keep tabs on your personal belongings without having to search high and low for items.

Hang Clothes Up

It is easy to leave clothes folded up in the suitcase rather than unpack for a week long excursion. But hanging clothes up on hangers or in cupboards helps keep your room tidy. In any case, who wants to deal with the daily battle of tripping over clothes that have been strewn all over the hotel room? Start as you mean to go on by keeping clothes tidy on hangers.

Make Your Bed Each Day

Why make the bed when housekeepers are paid to do it? The fact is that an unmade bed makes the whole room look untidy. It takes just a few moments to make the bed each day and it will make all the difference. Do not wait until two days have passed before making the bed. Make the bed the moment you get up and you will immediately feel as if you are staying in a tidier hotel room.

Store Food Correctly

If you are storing food in your hotel room, make the most of the space available to you by placing it in cardboard boxes, compartments and in the fridge. Then he sure to dispose of food waste by changing out waste bins each day. Food that is properly stored will not only be easier to find but it will also look tidier and give you more room to move around during your hotel stay.

Hotel rooms are generally very small and compact. This can make it challenging to keep a hotel room tidy. But that does not mean that you cannot still do your part in keeping your hotel room tidy. Do not rely on housekeepers to pick up after you. Take just a few minutes each day to keep your temporary living quarters tidy by hanging up your clothes, making the bed and storing food.

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