How to Make Desktop Rollover Buttons Using DesktopX Software

DesktopX is a creative program designed to personalize your desktop and how it works. One of the great things you can do in DesktopX is make navigational rollover buttons. And creating them isn’t that hard! To make free rollover buttons, all you need is some free icons.

It is easy to find icons on the internet. The hard part is finding the ones you want. There is many sites that promise hundreds of free icons. What they don’t advertise is that there is only a small supply in each category. Still, there is no need to buy icon packages when you can get them for free.

When saving the icons, be sure to download .ico files- not .gif. Unless you are planning to convert the .gif files to .ico, the .gif files are worthless to the desktop program. Gif files are meant for web page development, not computer use. There is free downloadable programs that can convert the file types for a must have icon that is unfortunately in .gif format

To begin, right click on a computer icon that you wish to change and press properties, or start a new object. Under the states tab, is a small window with the word default. Default is the icon always showing, no matter what the state. The state is a reference to whether the mouse is over, away or never been near the icon.

If you are working with a button previously made, then you may need to change the icon. The icon that is chosen should be the icon that will be visible at most times. If you have begun a new object, then use the icon that will be most seen as the image. This image will now be seen as being the default image in the states menu.

The next step is to set this image as being the image used in other states. To do this, press the ADD button that is under the states window. A small menu will appear in which you chose a state to add. Choose mouse away. In the bottom of the screen is the image selector. Choose the same icon for this state. If you skip this step, the icon will not return to its original state after a mouse has went over it.

Next, press Add once more. This time choose mouse over. Another icon will have to be chosen at the bottom screen. This will be the icon showing on screen when you roll a mouse over the previous icon.

Click apply then exit the menu. The icon should be working perfectly.

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