How to Make Your Own Oscar the Grouch Halloween Costume

In this article I am going to tell you how you can make your very own version of the character from Sesame Street, Oscar the Grouch. The Oscar the Grouch Halloween costume is a Halloween costume that can be worn by both boys and girls. The Oscar the Grouch Halloween costume is a Halloween costume that can be made pretty inexpensively, because you can find pretty much most of what you will need right inside your home. The Oscar the Grouch Halloween costume is rated on the difficulty level of about medium, because there is some hot gluing and cutting involved.

You will need to acquire the following things for the Oscar the Grouch Halloween costume: Trash can with a lid (can be old, but needs to be clean, and won’t be able to be reused as a trash can again), utility knife or strong scissors, hot glue, safety pins, hot glue gun, long sleeved hooded green sweat shirt, green sweat pants, green and black face paint, various clean trash examples: newspaper,green suspenders,self sticking Velcro, green gloves, rock or sand paper,empty cans, empty bottles, empty bags (cereal, grocery bags,cookie,etc), empty boxes (mashed potatoes, hamburger helper, rice, etc) play fruit, cheese wrappers, tissues, UNUSED toilet paper. You get the idea I hope.

Once you have acquired the needed items please proceed on to Step 1.

Step 1. Take your trash can, if it is an old trash can make sure you clean out the trash can very well. Once your trash can is cleaned and ready take your utility knife or sturdy scissors and proceed to cut out the bottom of the trash can. You will need to cut the bottom of the trash can completely off.

Step 2. Once you have the bottom cut off of Oscar’s trash can, discard the bottom. If Oscar’s trash can is new you will need to dent it up a bit, take a rock and rub it all over the outside of the trash can to make it look old. You can also use sandpaper to make the same effect. And don’t forget to do the same to the lid of Oscar’s trash can.

Step 3. Take your hot glue gun and your various objects of trash. You will need to hot glue some of the trash to make it look like it is spilling out of the trash can. Also hot glue some of the trash to the bottom outer edge of the trash can all around. Don’t forget to hot glue some trash to the edge of the lid of the trash can as well. Set aside some wrappers and bags and such for later.

Step 4. Once you have all of the various trash items hot glued to Oscar’s trash can, take your green suspenders and hook the front to the top lip of the front of the trash can, then hook the back to the lip of the back of the trash can. You can hot glue some trash over top of it to hide the clips.

Step 5. Take the green hooded sweat shirt ,safety pins, and your trash that you saved. Use your safety pins to pin just a few of the wrappers or items to the sleeves of the shirt, (two or three per arm maximum)

Step 6. Use your self sticking Velcro and take two pieces and stick it to the top of the hooded sweat shirt. Then attach the other two pieces to the inside top of the trash can lid. Put the lid on the top of the hooded sweat shirt.

Step 7. Now put on your green hooded sweat shirt (complete with the attached trash can lid), green sweat pants, and your gloves. Then put on the trash can.

Step 8. Paint your entire face green, with the green face paint. Then go back and make your eyebrows a dark black with the black face paint. You can also make a few black smudges on your face as well to look like dirt.

Now your Oscar the Grouch Halloween costume is complete. Enjoy.

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