Towel Rack Bathroom Bins

Towel rack
Shower curtain rings or ribbon

Need extra storage room in the bathroom? Who doesn’t? The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house yet it holds many items for the entire family. So, if you need storage space for towels, shampoo, brushes, powders, and perfumes, you can make it happen by using some baskets. I know; you don’t have room for a half-dozen baskets. But if you have space above the toilet you most definitely have room for the basket storage project.

Lots of people have that area above the toilet and it’s blank. When you hang baskets there you quickly create a place for towels, extra bathroom tissue, and other bathroom supplies. But if you don’t have that area you can find somewhere else in the bathroom to put the baskets. No? Hang them in the kitchen, then.

Towel rack bathroom bins are as easy to put up as a towel rack. In fact, that’s exactly what you’ll do. Hang a towel rack and then you can put the baskets in place. The towel rack can be wooden, plastic, or metal. The bins can be wire, wicker, and some other types.

Measure and mark so that your towel rack will hang perfectly straight. Hang the hardware and the rack. Then, use a certain type of curtain ring to hang the baskets. The ring should be one of those old wire ones that is shaped something like a light bulb. Open the ring, slip it through an opening in the basket, and snap it shut over the towel rack. Alternatively, you can tie the baskets onto the rack with pretty ribbons.

Depending on the size of the baskets, you should be able to fit two or three on each rod. Hang two or three rods and you end up with lots of room for holding all of your bathroom products. The bins can hold towels and wash cloths, bath and body products, loofahs, tissues, shower, bonnets, and so much more.

Besides hanging the towel rack bins in the bathroom, they can be hung in the kitchen, or even in the garage. There, they can be used to organize small power tools, cords, gardening supplies, toys no longer used, and assorted implements. In a craft room, the towel rack bins can organize ribbon, yarn, knitting needles, lace, fabric, and lots of other craft supplies. The hanging baskets are also very useful in the laundry room.

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