How to Make a Cubano Sandwich

The Cubano sandwich is a delicious taste treat that many American restaurants are featuring as menu items. A longtime favorite in South Florida, USA, Cubano, or Cuban sandwiches are reaching across the culinary landscape, satisfying the appetites of hungry diners everywhere. As with most other dishes, there are as many variations as there are cooks. The generally acknowledged version of a Cubano sandwich consists of.. sliced ham, roast pork loin, cheese and pickle in a sliced length of Cuban bread. Butter and mustard are often used as toppings on Cubano sandwiches. Although traditionally, Cuban bread is the bread of choice for Cubano sandwiches, Portugese, Italian, Ciabatta, or a soft French bread will work just fine. Thinly- sliced red onion and cilantro sprigs are optional. Non- traditionalists may also enjoy a Cilantro- Mayonnaise spread on tthe Cubano sandwich. Cilantro- mayo is made by combining chopped cilantro with mayonnaise. If possible, mix together in a food processor for optimum results.

What makes a Cubano sandwich so incredibly tasty, is the pressing together of the bread and ingredients on a hot grill. Cubano sandwiches are often cooked on panini grills, or sandwich presses . When pressed tightly together, the flavors of the pork loin, ham, cheese and especially, pickle meld into a delicious amalgam of flavor. A Panini grill is not necessary, however. All that is needed to prepare an excellent Cubano sandwich is a hot frying pan, skillet, or flat- top grill and a heavy object, to weigh down the Cubano sandwich. An old chef’s trick is to wrap a brick or heavy rock in aluminum foil and place on top of Cubano sandwich being grilled. This acts as a sandwich press. Attention must be paid to the Cubano sandwich while cooking. With the weight on top, it will brown quickly. Within moments, a tasty Cubano sandwich will be ready to eat. To make a Cubano sandwich, just follow the instructions here, and you will soon be making and enjoying Cubano sandwiches that everyone will enjoy.

approx. 2 oz ham
approx. 2 oz pork loin
2 thin slices of Swiss or Cheddar cheese
1 / 2 of Dill pickle spear, cut into julienne’ , or thin slices
Cuban bread ( or, French, Ciabatta or Italian bread )

thinly- sliced red onion ( optional )
cilantro sprigs ( optional )
butter, mustard, or cilantro- mayonnaise ( optional )

Slice bread or roll in half. Layer thin slices of ham and pork loin on bread. Add pickle slices, onion**, cilantro**, then cheese. Add butter, mustard or cilantro mayonnaise to bread, if desired. Heat in panini grill, sandwich press, or weighed- down on hot grill, or frying pan. Cook until golden brown on both sides. Cubano sandwiches go very well with cole slaw, french fries or potato salad.

Bon Appetit!

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