The Best Pizza in Providence, RI

Looking to nab the best pizza in the Greater Providence area?

Steve Filippou’s Twisted Pizza in East Greenwich brings a Greek flair to the whole affair. Located at 1050 Main Street, this isn’t your average sub shop. His Twisted special is loaded with Calamita olives – fragrant with an intoxicating winey scent – and then topped with perfectly grilled chicken and Feta cheese. It’s all spread over a moderately crispy crust and baked to perfection. The Stuffed Grape Leaves (Dolmathakia, for Providians in the know), are tender and sweet and warmed to perfection. They come six to an order and cost just $4.99. A Hero Platter (pronounced “Hero”) can be ordered with or without french fries. We asked for ours as an appetizer. It was served on a platter, and we were free to assemble the pieces ourselves. It was, again, well worth the $5.25. Catch Steve’s Monday – Saturday 11AM-10PM and Sunday 1PM-9AM.

Two Guys From Italy at 1980 Warwick Avenue in Warwick deserves a mention. The place has recently changed hands from longtime owner Joe, but the product remains as wonderful as ever with thin, bubbly crust, tangy sauce, and rich mozzarella on the pizza. The real difference is in the table service. Now you don’t have the little old Italian fellow behind the counter yelling “What? Do I look like your mother?” Every time you ask for a shaker of cheese. (For that kind of “table service” you’ll now need to go into the heart of Providence, to Federal Hill). Pizzas here start at $15, dinner specials around $12. Call (401)738-4743 for seasonal hours. Sample one of each and share.

Crusty’s Pizza on Warwick Ave offers real hand-thrown dough, real sauce, and about the best deal in Greater Providence with midweek twofers on large pizzas. The Steak and Cheese Subs at Crusty’s can’t be beat, and you’ll be entertained by a couple of bantering Greek brothers while you wait. Call (401)463-5123 ahead for faster service – though you might just sit back and enjoy the show.

Pizza Pie-er at 374 Wickenden Street offers free delivery and take-out service, and most items on their menu are under $20. Appealing to Providence’s health conscious crowd, Pizza Pie-er offers a variety of crusts, including white, wheat, multigrain, veggie, and even low-carb options. Patrons then pick from a peck of sauces – including walnut, Cajun, puttanesca, and Alfredo. Fancy, Gourmet, and Premium toppings finish their masterpiece. Call (401)223-2183 for hours and directions to Providence’s East Side.

Twin’s Pizza & Family Restaurant at 1000 Mineral Spring Avenue in North Providence offers a full dinner menu and daily specials. It’s the kind of place you visit with Grandma – and will bring your grandkids. Everything’s always good at Twins. Especially the pizza. And the Chicken Parmesan. And the Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches. And the. . . . Telephone (401)726-8978 for more information. Be prepared to stand in line at dinner or lunch time, especially on Sunday. Watch out for grandmas with walkers on their way in. They usually mean business.

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