Best Pizza in Hoboken

If you’re like me, you can eat pizza three times a day, seven days a week. And if you live in Hoboken, New Jersey, you just might be able to do that without growing tired of the food. Yes, there’s that many great pizza places in Hoboken’s one square mile. I’ll tell you about the top ten.

10. 7 Star Pizzeria, located at 342 Garden Street in Hoboken, is a great place to stop for a slice on the way home from work or after midnight while walking home from one of Hoboken’s 100+ bars. The place isn’t much to look at, so grab your pizza slice and eat it on the run.

9. Marios Pizza, at 742 Garden Street in Hoboken, offers a unique taste and a great atmosphere to sit down and eat casually. And unlike most pizza spots in Hoboken, you can have a beer with your slice, while catching a ballgame on the tube. Good people and good fun.

8. Favia Lite Cafe, located at 208 Washington Street in Hoboken, is a decent date restaurant. Offering light, healthier fare, the food’s good and during the summer, you can dine outside. Table service is offered, and no reservations are necessary.

7. Fillipo’s Pizzeria offers two Hoboken locations: 402 Washington Street and 267 First Street. Delicious pizza you can sit down to enjoy. The service is friendly and you don’t feel rushed while eating your slice.

6. Mediterranean Grill, located across from the Hoboken PATH station at 38 Hudson Street, has great pizza and delicious Mediterranean food. The staff isn’t all that friendly (think Soup Nazi but with pizza), but the food’s worth the attitude. It’s not, however, worth the wait if you want delivery. It takes fifty to sixty minutes, even when they’re not busy. I waited two and a half hours for a pie once when they were. So, stop in, but don’t call for delivery.

5. Impostos Pizzeria is located in downtown Hoboken at 102 Washington Street, and you’ll find a long line there once the bars close on the weekends at 2 a.m. That’s because they are just about the only place conveniently open til 4. They’ll even deliver that late, albeit and extra large pizza. The food (not just the pizza) is terrific.

4. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is the reason I decided to write this article. Outstanding coal-fired brick-oven pizza. It’s a bit pricier than ordinary pies, but well worth it. The taste is so unique, you’ve gotta try it at least once. Located at 133 Clinton Street in Hoboken, I suggest you go there for a sit-down dinner or date.

3. Benny Tudino’s boasts the biggest slice in Hoboken. I mean, it’s huge! Order the extra large pie for delivery, or stop in for the extra large slice. Regular pies are also available and cooked to perfection. Stop by at 622 Washington Street.

2. H & S Giovanni’s is located at 603 Washington in Hoboken and makes the most delicious Sicilian pie in North Jersey. Their regular pie is pretty great, too. But the Sicilian! Wow.

1. Rosarios at 12th and Willow is the best all-around pizza parlor in Hoboken. All the food is fantastic and the people who work there are the most pleasant you’ll come across. Fast, free delivery. Fresh and delicious pizza. Stop by or call for delivery. You will not be sorry.

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