Pinwheel Snacks, Dinners, and Desserts

Crescent rolls
Choice of food combinations, such as pepperoni and cheese, or hot dogs and cheese

You already know that a pinwheel can taste divine; you’ve probably had a cinnamon roll in your life. But pinwheels don’t have to strictly be sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, and other sweets. In fact, when you learn just how many pinwheel snacks, dinners, and breakfasts that you can actually make, you’ll cook them nearly every day! No one will complain of boring meals; each one is completely different than the one before. You won’t even need a recipe for any of the meals; that’s how easy they are to create. When you make one crescent roll pinwheel treat, you’ll remember how to make it forever, and you can simply change the foods that you put inside.

The look of the pinwheel treat, alone, is enough to get the family excited. Since you’ll be the one that decides on what will go in the pinwheel, you can make your choice of snacks, treats, and meals. Start with a package of crescent rolls – or more than one pack – and you’ll be able to make the pinwheels quickly.

Roll out the crescents and press on the perforations to slightly strengthen them. Then, begin arranging the foods that you want on one of the long sides of the dough. For a breakfast treat, put scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheese, on the dough. For a delicious dinner, sprinkle on crumbled bacon, fried ground beef, and cheddar cheese. Roll the dough over the food, and all the way to the other long side, and then place it on a baking sheet. Cut the roll into pinwheels by pulling a serrated knife toward you as you cut it. Lay each pinwheel flat and bake them all, according to the crescent roll package.

There are many different meals that you can make with the crescents. Roll up chili and cheese, ham and cheese, pepperoni and cheese, or other cheesy combinations. Or, wrap up peanut butter and jelly, preserves, or other sweets. Make really quick meals by wrapping up broccoli or other veggies with canned chicken or other meat. Make pizza pinwheels, taco pinwheels, lunch meat pinwheels, and so many others, simply by wrapping foods in a package of crescent rolls.

Crescent roll pinwheel meals are going to be real favorites in your family, but they’re all so scrumptious, that you can serve them for parties and holidays, too. Wrap leftover turkey and cooked potatoes in crescent rolls, make treats of hot dogs and cheese for a kid’s party, or come up with your own foods. You’ll end up with all sorts of new recipes but no need for a new recipe book!

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