Rival Fold-Up Electric Food Slicer: Product Review

How I Made My Decision to Buy the Model 1042 Rival Fold-Up Electric Food Slicer:

I often make home-made breads, salads, vegetable trays, fruit, cold cuts and cheese trays as well as home-canned bread and butter pickles and other vegetables. Slicing all these foods takes a lot of time and effort when it is done by hand and the end result is not always as neat or uniformly sliced as it is when done with an electric slicer.

Details and Features of the Model 1042 Rival Fold-Up Electric Food Slicer:

Quality stainless steel serrated blade

Adjustable thickness control allows wafer-thin to extra thick slices

Folds for easy storage

Dual on/off buttons for extra safety

Housed in durable plastic

Easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning

Comes in white or black

One year warranty

Price and Where to Purchase the Model 1042 Rival Fold-Up Electric Food Slicer:

Many online companies and almost all stores that sell kitchen utensils and small appliances sell electric food slicers. The prices range from around $40.00 to $50.00. Shipping fees are usually charged when purchases are made online.

My Assessment and Experience with the Model 1042 Rival Fold-Up Electric Food Slicer:

I have had my white Model 1042 Rival Fold-Up Electric Food Slicer for about four years. I have used it extensively for slicing vegetables when freezing, canning and preserving foods. I use it to make attractive fruit, meat and cheese trays and vegetable trays for family gatherings. I have used it to slice raw, chilled boneless pork tenderloin into chops with great success. Cooked boneless meats that have been refrigerated slice well any thickness you like.

The slicer is easy to take apart for cleaning and there is never a problem with rust on the stainless steel blade. It folds up easily for storage in limited space. I am very pleased with the performance of the product and would recommend it for home use for deli-style slicing.


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Disclosure of Material Connection:

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