Be Safe for Turkey Day!

When cooking Thanksgiving Dinner, there is a lot of things going on. You may have children running everywhere, loud music playing, your favorite show is on, etc. It is still important to not get distracted so that you can stay safe. Here are 10 tips.

  1. Do not leave the oven on when you are not home. I know some people may leave food in the oven while they run a quick errand or something. DONT do it. Things can catch fire. I know you’ll only be gone a minute but it only takes a minute for a fire to start.
  2. If you are deep frying a turkey, be smart, try to resist being lazy, and move the deep fryer as far away from your house as possible. It won’t be a good situation if you accidentally knock over the deep fryer. Need I say more?
  3. Pay attention. Pay attention. Pay attention. Make sure that you do not leave any towels, etc. around a flame or on the stove.
  4. Make sure your food is cooked thoroughly enough so that it is safe to eat. Who wants to get food poisoning on Thanksgiving?
  5. Make sure there are no obstructions on your floor. This seems obvious but it may not be to all. Imagine walking over your freshly made Turkey to the table and tripping over a box in the floor. Not a good mental image, I know.
  6. No children allowed in the kitchen. Sometimes little ones want to be in the kitchen…especially this time because of all of the kitchen traffic and alluring smells. Put them OUT! You wouldn’t want something heavy or hot to fall on them.
  7. If there is a spill, wipe it up so it doesn’t get sticky. Then DRY it. I know that you’re saying, “Duh” but everyone may not be as “aware” as you.
  8. if you are using cooking utensils, don’t forget to take them out of the pans or food. One time I forgot a fork in the casserole. Just between you and I.
  9. Make sure that you refrigerate all food that needs to be. If you have just cooked a broccoli and cheese casserole for example, and you leave it out on the counter too long, it will spoil…the same day.
  10. Try not to kill any of your in-laws or family members. This is the most difficult tip as families and in-laws are annoying. Just try to endure their foolery. Until December when Christmas comes. Then have Christmas at THEIR house.

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