NYC Vegetarian Restaurants

There are NYC vegetarian restaurants that specialize in every kind of food genre under the sun, from exotic faux-meats to classic deli options to health foods. NYC is one of the best places in the United States to find great vegetarian restaurants, and there is at least one for every taste, and every budget. Read on to learn about some three of the very best NYC vegetarian restaurants.


144 W. 4th Street, near 6th Ave
(212) 260-7130

VP2, also known as Vegetarian’s Paradise 2, is the standout choice among NYC vegetarian restaurants that specialize in faux-meat meals. The menu at Vegetarian’s Paradise 2 is made up of items like “beef,” “chicken” and “fish,” all made out of soy protein, wheat gluten, and other completely vegetarian products. However, you wouldn’t know it from biting into a luscious slice of orange beef, or a chunk of shrimp mixed into the scrumptious pad thai. Many NYC vegetarian restaurants offer gluten or soy based “meats,” but Vegetarian’s Paradise 2 is the best at creating sauces and dishes that make the illusion as convincing as humanly possible. Vegetarian’s Paradise 2 is in the middle of the price range for NYC vegetarian restaurants, with entrees ranging from about eight to twelve dollars.

B & H Dairy Restaurant
127 2nd Avenue, between 7th & 8th Street
(212) 505-8065

B & H Dairy is one of the very oldest, and very cheapest, NYC vegetarian restaurants. B & H is a remarkable kosher restaurant nestled in a tiny storefront on one of the busiest streets of the East Village neighborhood. This classic Jewish deli serves up fare like blintzes and knishes, and offers a few memorable house specialties like challah French toast and a vegetarian spin on chopped liver. Because of its casual atmosphere, huge portions, and low prices, B & H is one of the best NYC vegetarian restaurants for a lazy weekend breakfast that feels indulgent, but doesn’t break the bank. Standout dishes include the melt-in-your mouth borscht, and the toweringly huge egg salad sandwich. Take note: B & H does serve some fish dishes, but it’s still primarily a vegetarian menu as the whole place is beef free, chicken free, and of course pork free. There’s no official website for B & H, which is a very old-school type of establishment, but you can read more about it and browse the menu at menupages. The B & H page is online at

Angelica Kitchen
300 E. 12th Street, between 1st & 2nd Avenue
(212) 228-2909

Among NYC vegetarian restaurants, Angelica Kitchen is the place to go for a special meal. The wood-paneled atmosphere and friendly, well-trained waitstaff make the dining experience a real pleasure, and the food stands up to its surroundings. Although the fare is not the most adventurous, you can depend on Angelica Kitchen to serve up delicately prepared vegetarian classics with a gourmet twist. One of the biggest selling points of Angelica Kitchen is the obvious care that they take in selecting the very best ingredients; the produce quality at Angelica Kitchen is arguably the best of any of the high-end NYC vegetarian restaurants. With a focus on whole grains, organic ingredients, and meals that are as good for you as they are delicious, Angelica Kitchen is a true boon to Manhattan vegetarians and vegans. Entrees range from about ten to fifteen dollars.

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