How to Make the Best of a Free Online Tarot Reading

If you’re curious about tarot, you’ve probably at least once looked up “tarot” in your favorite search engine. Chances are, you’ve found a few sites offering “24/7 readings” or “free instant readings”. While these online readings can give you quick responses or show you how a tarot spread is laid out, they have limitations. In order to use online tarot readings effectively, you need to know how to go beyond the dry, sometimes vague responses to get to the heart of your question.

Because instant online readings are automated, they are based on text book definitions. The answers displayed on your screen are not likely to apply to every question. You need to be prepared for this or else you might start scratching your head, saying, “Huh?” to a non-responsive computer.

When asking your question, try to be as specific as possible-this advice applies whether you get an instant online tarot reading or whether you are going to a live psychic reader. The more specific you are, the more likely you will receive an answer that you can understand. Vague questions = vague answers. Some tarot books will tell you to ask open-ended questions which sometimes encourage vague responses. If you really want to know if your book project is going to the right agent and how he or she will treat you if you work together, ask that. Don’t ask, “How’s my career?”

The universe will often give you a weird answer that does not apply to your real question. Or, you may get something saying that your career is going smoothly, but this doesn’t mean that you’ve gotten an answer to your real question about the agent. Maybe this agent is not reputable but you are a good writer and your work is praised. The cards maybe commenting that your work is good, but this isn’t telling you anything that will help you make your decision. Learn to ask the right questions. Also, be careful of yes or no questions as the tarot often doesn’t answer them well.

Once you have a specific question, concentrate for a moment. Don’t do the online tarot reading when you’ve got people talking at you or you have loud, distracting noises around you or when you are doing to or three other things online at the same time. Try to quiet your mind and calm your emotions. If you are fearful and agitated, you may not understand the reading results or you can misinterpret them. When you are calm, focus on your question and click for the results.

Before you start reading the full interpretation, it is a good idea to make a quick note (on paper or through a word processor) of your impressions of each tarot card or of the cards as a whole. How do you feel as you look at them? Do they relax you or make you nervous? Which ones stand out? What are the people on the tarot cards doing? Does what they are doing remind you of your situation?

Make note of any objects that seem important on the card and what you think about them. This process can be thorough, taking 20 minutes, or it can take 2 minutes.

After you have a few notes, go ahead and read the computerized interpretation of your tarot reading. Does anything match what you wrote down? If so, make a note of it or print out the reading and highlight that sentence.

See if you can make connections between what you sensed and what the computer tells you. Sometimes, your own interpretations will be more important or more accurate than the computerized results.

If your question is a very important or far-reaching one, keep a copy of your thoughts about the tarot cards and the details of the computerized interpretation of your online tarot reading so that you can see what actually happens in your life and then compare it to your notes.

Tarot readings are meant to be personal and intuitive. The computer system doesn’t know your history or personality and it doesn’t have the ability to interpret symbols. It repeats back whatever formula someone gave it. By adding your own impressions and thoughts to the experience, you can empower yourself to find the answers that are inside of you. Ultimately, you know what is best and the computer-generated tarot reading is a guideline that helps you fill in the blanks for yourself.

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