How to Organize Your Yard Sale

It is just about summer time and this is usually the time when many people decide to start cleaning out their house. Mostly those people who have forgotten to do their spring cleaning. Either way instead of just throwing your old items in the trash, why not make a little profit off of the items you no longer want. This article will give you some ideas and suggestions on how to organize your garage sale. First you need to get all of your old items that you no longer want including clothes into one room. Next you need to sift through everything and see what items and still in usable condition. What I mean by usable is that they are not damaged and they still work, or can be used. Then you need to separate what is left into different piles.

The first pile that you can start with is your clothing pile. If you have dresses then you should make sure they are put on hangers and wrapped in a garment cover. The garment covers are very inexpensive, and you can usually find some at the dollar store. Trust me it is really worth the extra added touch of a garment cover. When you sell it you will get your money back that you spent on the garment cover and make a profit. Any clothing that does not fit on a hanger can be neatly folded to be place don the clothing table. Next you want to sort through your remaining items. Put all the kitchen items in one area, the living room items in another area, etc.

Once every thing is separated into their different sections you can then begin to label with your price tags. Basically all you need for price tags is some stickers and a marker. Again you can get these items at any local dollar store. When it comes to clothing you need to be realistic. You obviously will not be able to get what you paid for it. So for example if you paid two hundred dollars for a party dress, then you should only ask about twenty five to fifty dollars. This also depends on the condition of the dress. Most kitchen items, usually only go for about a dollar a piece, for larger kitchen items maybe about five dollars. For any furniture that you plan on selling you will definitely be able to get a lot more.

On the day of your garage sale you need to make sure that you set everything up the same way it was organized in the house. Everything should be neatly sorted into various sections, and labeled. You should have several tables set up for the smaller items to be displayed. One tip is to cover the table with a inexpensive table cloth. This will help to make your garage sell look a lot nicer. When it comes to selling your items, appearance really does make a difference. You should have a close rack set up when you can hang any clothes that you are trying to sell.

Larger items should be placed out in front, since these things are a lot easier to see from the street. You best items should always be placed in front. Remember you want people riding by to stop, so you have to have something out there that looks nice. If you have a large item make sure that you put the price tag on it. Use a large sign and write big. A lot more people would be willing to stop and buy something if they see a food deal. Most important, you need to understand that you will probably not sell everything, but any profit made is definitely a good deal.

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