How to Paint Your Bedroom

When painting comes to mind people, just think on hiring a contractor. But, the painting contractor will only charge those high prices that can be avoided. By, painting the project yourself, I will walk you through the steps, needed to paint a bedroom.

How To Paint Your Bedroom #1

First, decide what color you want to paint your bedroom. Many people are friendly, others are risk takers. For friendly people I would recommend the color white, and for risk takers I would recommend the color black. Now, black and white are the cheapest colors to buy, especially if you are on a budget, and have a set spending limit.

How To Paint Your Bedroom #2

Second, go to the hardware store to do your shopping. I would recommend, going to Lowes Hardware, or The Home Depot. Both, hardware stores usually have everything in stock. I usually go to Lowes Hardware, because it is a name brand company. And, you will need the following to get started on the painting: paint, painters tape, wood stick for mixing paint, brushe, and paint bucket, and one more thing be sure to buy plenty of white towels, to clean up the mess with.

How To Paint Your Bedroom #3

Third, so now, you have the materials and you are ready to prep up your bedroom for painting. You can start by removing all beds and furniture and appliances, and everything that is on the wall, or will get in the way. Then take the painters tape and cover up all things that can get stained especially the floor. Put the painters tape on light switches, hinges, door handles etc.

How To Paint Your Bedroom #4

Fourth, getting back to paint taste, I would get the semi-gloss water based paint, which is shinier. And, don’t get the oil-based paint unless you are painting metal. Now, take the paint bucket and make sure to shake before pouring the paint in paint bucket. And, take the wood stick and start mixing the paint in the bucket. Until, the paint is well mixed.

How To Paint Your Bedroom #5

Fifth, take the new brush and start to paint the wall with small strokes to get the full texture of the paint on the wall. And, just take your time do not go fast, because you will miss spots, and be very clean with the paint and brush.

Finally, look at the finished product and if you feel it needs a second coat, just brush it on there. And, wipe all excess drips with towel and have a bucket filled with water to clean your brush in. Well, I hope it turns out okay and the bedroom looks pretty. But, I also have some other cool techniques on painting your room, just stay tuned to my pure writings.

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