How to Pick Out a Body Shaper

Body shapers, or what are known as slimmers and shapewear, are designed so that size can be redistributed. They can push the breasts upward while smoothing a stomach and making a more shapely figure. Body shapers or slimmers are made from a stretchy material, typically spandex, and are usually thick. If you are considering purchasing one for yourself, here is how to pick out a body shaper.

Get the Right Measurements You’ll want to make sure you have the right measurements before you go and choose one. You want to make sure you have a chest measurement, a waist measurement, and a measurement for the hips. This is going to ensure a proper fit because one that doesn’t fit you well will not be able to contour you the way it is designed to do. Remember too that shapewear has different types, so a control brief isn’t going to sculpt as much as a control bodysuit. Find where you are going to want the shaping and then have plenty of measurements before shopping for your shapewear.

Choose Your Control Type There are three types of control levels for most shapewear; light, moderate, and firm. Depending on your needs, one of these should be right for you. There may be a need to have one of each, depending on what you need for each outfit you’re wearing.
Light – Light control is going to be equal to some control top pantyhose in levels of compression. These are good to wear under delicate fabrics where a thicker and more compressed garment may leave impressions.
Moderate – Moderate control slims and controls bulging but will only offer a minimal amount of shaping.
Firm – Firm control is going to be the thickest of them but they will cinch and compress, lift and help shape the body where worn. This offers the best ability to shape the body due to built-in bands for compression.


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