How to Prepare Baked Zitti and Lasagna the Day Before Your Party

There are several foods that you can prepare the day in advance of any party. This really helps with your plans on the day of the party. It is less stressful and you end up having a lot more time to really enjoy yourself. When it comes to beaked zitti it really is very simple to prepare. The first thing that you need to do is cook your noodles like you normally would. You want to make sure that you do not overcook your noodles. You should place them in boiling water for only ten minutes exactly and then drain and place in your pan. You noodles will finish cooking when they are baked in the oven. Once your noodles are drain you can begin layering in your pan.

On the bottom of the pan you can put the sauce until the bottom. Next put the noodles on top of the sauce. The next layer will have the mozzarella cheese. On top of the mozzarella cheese you can add additional Italian seasonings. Continue this process until your pan is full. Make sure that you put a layer of mozzarella cheese on the top. Do not cook or pre-heat the sauce. It will cook when you place it in the oven. Then place in the oven for ten minutes, remove promptly. Allow twenty minutes for the pan to cool off. Then wrap with saran wrap, on top of the saran wrap put the foil.

Then place in the fridge until the next day. On the day of your party place the pan in the oven for about twenty minutes. Or until cheese is completely melted on slightly browned. The same can be done for lasagna. If you want to add meat then you should make sure that the meat is cooked prior to adding it to your dish. When it comes to certain types of meat you will want to make sure that it is complete cooked. But be sure that you do not over cook it. This can also be done with macaroni and cheese.

If you finish cooking your dish at least thirty minutes prior to the party then it will be nice and warm prior to the start of the party. This is great so that you can greet your guests as they arrive and just enjoy the party for yourself.

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