How to Prepare for a New Baby on the Way

Most women like to wait until they have passed the fourteenth week, and so starting the second trimester, before they begin to prepare for the arrival of their baby. This is because the first trimester is the time when there is more danger of a miscarriage. Once this period is over, you can prepare for the wondrous adventure of being pregnant and experiencing the growth of your baby.

Now, you can prepare your home for the arrival of the baby. Start by deciding if you want to have the baby sleep by your bed for the first couple of months. This makes those nighttime feedings easier and allows you a little more sleep as you are getting used to new sleeping schedules. If this is what you want to do, then you’ll need to buy, or borrow, a bassinette. As you prepare your room for the bassinette, which you’ll use for only two or three months, it’s okay to see if a friend or family member can loan you one.

As you continue to prepare for the eventual homecoming, you may decide to paint the room where you’re going to have your baby sleep once they move from the bassinette to a crib. How will you choose the right color for the room? Try a neutral color so that whether it’s a boy or a girl the room will suit them. Maybe prepare the room in a nice apple green, as it’s a calming color for your baby. It’s important as you prepare the crib to be sure you have bumper pads to protect your delicate bundle from getting bumped. The next thing to get is a nice dresser to put all the baby clothes in. Prepare this by organizing separate drawers for each item you need. Begin with onesies; these are a baby t-shirt and diaper cover that is one piece, lots of sleepers, baby socks and a couple of little hats.

One very useful item as you prepare the room for your baby is a rocking chair for those nights when baby just won’t settle. You must prepare yourself for nights like that and use the gently rhythm of a rocking chair to relax a restless baby. As well, you should make sure you have an infant car seat and stroller. Some items should wait until you are a little farther along; after showers have been given, before you buy them. You’ll also need a baby monitor so that no matter where you are in the house, maybe you are trying to prepare dinner, you can hear your little one when they wake.

It takes a lot to prepare for the arrival of your baby. There are the months of being pregnant to get through during which time you prepare to become a mom. You need to decide if you want to nurse or use bottles to feed your baby. Either way, you must prepare for the imminent arrival of your tiny bundle. Understand and prepare for the fact that your child will need you to be there for them for the rest of your life.

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