How to Prevent Common Martial Arts Injuries

Martial arts has gained over the past few decades in popularity and number of participants continues to grow by the day. Thanks to the addition of taekwondo to the Olympics, young people are being exposed to the sport and other martial arts for the first time. This is a great gain for the sport, but can mean injuries for ill prepared and novice participants. Prevention of injuries is key. Following some common sense advice, as with all sports, can help prevent and eliminate needless injuries in the sports of martial arts.

Martial arts already has a built in injury prevention by design. Whereas most sports encourage weightlifting to build mass, the martial arts philosophy is designed around using the body as resistance to build and tone muscle. This in itself helps eliminate injuries in martial arts.

The most obvious advice for beginners of the martial arts is to consult with a physician before beginning any practice of the art. A physician can help determine a person’s readiness and ability to withstand rigorous training. Beginning a vigorous routine without the capability can cause severe injuries. A physician can also help determine any existing injuries that may resurface during training in the martial arts. Prevention is a doctor’s best medicine.

Training under a trained professional is another way to prevent injuries in martial arts. Be sure the instructor is certified and choose a marital arts instructor that focuses on technique and form to help prevent injuries.

Also, be sure to wear the proper attire when practicing martial arts to prevent injuries. As with any sport, clothing that is too tight or too loose can cause injuries. In addition, certain types of martial arts require protective equipment to prevent injuries. To prevent injuries, never practice without it.

Martial arts requires the use of muscles not often used or not used as much in other sports. Strengthening the muscles of the inner thigh, groin, and outer hip can help prevent injures.

Martial arts often involves breathing techniques. Proper breathing can help prevent injuries. Always breathe out, or exhale, while contracting muscles and breathe in, or inhale, while resting the muscles. This will help prevent injuries.

Martial arts can be a rewarding and positive experience when practiced properly in order to stay free of injuries. Following simple, yet important rules while practicing martial arts or any physical activity can help prevent injuries. In the event that an injury occurs, it is important to discontinue any physical activity and consult a doctor. Only a doctor can diagnose an injury and treat it until it is healed. Only a doctor can determine when it is safe to return to martial arts practice free of any injuries and can offer medial advice to prevent further injury.

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