How to Prevent Home Water Damage

The most common type of damage to a home is water damage. A small leak today can turn into a big problem in the future and end up costing you a lot of money. Water pipe leaks and burst are the most common cause of home water damage. These are some ways to prevent big leaks and serious water damage to your home.

  • 1) Check to see if you have a water leak- Turn off your main water valve and check your water meter to see if it is still registering water flow.
  • 2) Detect where any water leaks are- if you find out or suspect you have a water leak there are devices you can buy that use battery powered sensors to detect water leaks, some more advanced devices require a plumber or an electrician to install.
  • 3) Inspect your home- Inspect your ceilings, walls, and floors of your home for signs of water leaks, inspecting foundations, basements and garages is also important.
  • 4) Check water using appliances- you should perform a yearly inspection of all your water using appliances to see if there are any leaks that could grow and cause serious water damage to your home. Some appliances to check are the refrigerator, sink, bathtubs/showers, dishwasher, the water heater, and the washing machine.
  • 5) Shut off any appliances or devices that have a water leak- if you discover any appliances that have a leak turn them off so that they do not use any more water or cause any damage.
  • 6) Check your roof- roofs are constantly exposed to various types of weather which can cause damage and leaks. You should check your roof every few months to make sure there is no damages so you can fix anything before it rains or snows causing major damage to your home. Also make sure your gutters are clean from leaves and debris .
  • 7) Have your water heater inspected and flushed- have a professional inspect your water heater every 2 years to make sure it is working properly and is not about to burst. Every 6 months flush your water heater to remove any sediment that has built up.
  • 8) If you find any leaks in your home or roof immediately get them fixed before they can become larger causing major water damage or before there is rain or snow.

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