How to Properly Wash Your Fleece Blankets

Now that the nights are cooler, it’s time to pull the fleece blankets out of storage. They’re a favorite at my house because they’re toasty warm and comfortable. Good-quality fleece blankets are also durable. If they’re properly taken care of, they will Iast for years and years. I wash my fleece blankets before I put them away. I also wash them periodically throughout the cold-weather seasons to keep them clean and fresh.

1. Treat stains on fleece blankets with dishwashing liquid. Use enough drops to cover each stain. Then let it soak for 10 minutes. Blot- don’t rub or the stains can spread- the liquid up with a paper towel. Immediately launder the blankets.

2. Wash your fleece blankets in cold or lukewarm water; never use hot water! It will stretch the fibers and break them down. If you need to add to your washing machine to make a full load, add like fabrics. Avoid adding abrasive fabrics as well as linty items like towels.

3. To properly wash and protect your fleece blankets, set the washing machine cycle to “gentle”. Never use bleach. Don’t add fabric softener either because it can remove the water-repellent finish that many fleece blankets have. I skip the liquid softener, but I do use a dryer sheet for each load to remove the static.

4. Your fleece blankets can either be dried outside on a line or in your clothes dryer. If dried outside, don’t hang them in direct sunlight or their colors can fade. Choose the “gentle” cycle with low heat on your dryer, and don’t over-dry as excess heat can damage fleece blankets.

5. Fleece blankets are pretty much wrinkle-resistant. You can spread light wrinkles out with your hands or shake the blankets out. Never attempt to iron fleece because the heat will damage it.


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