How to Recycle Your Old Plastic Grocery Bags

Do you have a closet or drawer filled to the brim with these grocery bags? I know I sure do. No matter what I do these things seem to pile up like crazy. I have come up with some great ideas for these bags.

Garbage bags

Yes most of us know we can recycle these in all the little garbage cans throughout the house. Do you ever wish that you had an extra bag in a certain room you are in? Take an empty tissue box and fill it with the plastic grocery bags. This will make it easier for you to use them. You will be more likely to use them, if they are in the room that you currently need them in. The plus side to this is your recycling an old tissue box at the same time.

Dog Walking

These are great for them little walking trips with the dog. Most places it is illegal to not pick up after your animal. If its not illegal just remember its gross not to pick up after them. Take a few bags with you on the next walk. When your dog does his business somewhere you can simply slip your hand in the bag and pick it up. Tie the bag and your set. There is no dirty hands and no mess left behind.


When your going on a trip and you have to pack things like lotions, shampoo, body wash etc. These things can leak. If they leak in your suitcase this can cause a real big problem. Place them all in a plastic grocery bag and tie off. This way if anything leaks, your clothes will still be dry.


People sure get creative when it comes to recycling things around the house. Lots of people are now using plastic grocery bags like fabric strips for knitting, crocheting and weaving. They are making things like door mats. They look really neat when your done and they best part is you just recycled.

Bathtub Toys

Recycle these plastic bags while saving while helping your child keep their favorite toy. If the bathtub toys stay wet in the bathtub they can get very moldy and you will need to throw them out. When bath time is done gather up all the toys and place them in a plastic bag with small hols punched in the bottom. Hang the bag on your shower head for proper draining. This saves them from getting moldy, plus keeps them up and out of the way the next time an adult takes a shower.

Kitty Litter

If you have cats then you have to deal with the litter box. Everyday you have to clean out the little box to prevent smells. Make the job faster by first lining the litter pan with a open plastic bag. Next time you go to change the litter box you can just grab the handles and tie the bag up and toss. No more scrubbing the litter box to get out all the smells.

Prevent steel wool pads from rusting

We all love using the wool pads. But most of the time we use them once and set them on our sink. Then a few days later you go to use it and its rusted. You then throw it out and grab a new one. Save the life in the wool pad by tossing the pad in a plastic bag and it wont rust. You will able to use it once again. That means not only are you recycling a plastic bag, but now you are using that steel wool pad much longer and throwing less of them away.

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