How to Save Money on Baby Care, From Juice to Food to Diapers

The myth that babies cost money tends to keep the local grocery or department store management very happy. Retailers love the parents that want things the *convenient* way, rather than the economical way. If parents were to wise up and take just an extra few moments a day, retailers would see a huge drop in profits and parents would see a significant change in savings. It doesn’t cost much to raise a baby. Little changes can save you a bundle!

In a recent trip to the grocery store, I was in the checkout line behind a new young mom and dad, holding an adorable infant. In their buggy was at least three dozen tiny little juice bottles, the smallest jars of baby food, and regular size jars of baby food. The clerk proceeded to ask the young mom what the difference was between baby juice and regular frozen juice. The young mom said that the baby juice was more diluted and was better for the baby. Hard as it was, I kept myself from laughing and kept my mouth shut.

We’ll start with the juice first. Baby juice is the same thing as concentrated frozen juice in a can, only more diluted. Both are fortified with Vitamin C. The frozen concentrate is MUCH cheaper than the baby juice, as it makes MUCH more for MUCH less. Simply mix it up according to the can’s directions, then if you are using a small baby bottle, pour it 1/4 full of the juice and finish filling the baby bottle up with water. If you are using a large baby bottle, fill it 1/3 or half full of the juice and the rest with water.

Baby food costs a lot of money. While I can understand buying the regular size jars of baby food, buying those tiny small ones is a huge waste of money. Buying the regular size ones is a better buy for your dollar. NEVER feed the baby from the jar, as the saliva really wreaks havoc on the food in a few moments time. Put out a portion on a saucer or in a bowl, and save the other part of the jar for later that day in the refrigerator. Some parents opt to make their own baby food. While I think this is great, it is more time consuming, but saves even more money for the family. If you make your own baby food, be sure it is the right consistency for Baby, and that Baby doesn’t get a lot of spices, etc.

Baby diapers must be the one thing, other than child care, that costs parents the most money. You can count on a baby being in diapers for about two years. Most parents today abhor the idea of a cloth diaper. Disposable diapers are great, and I’ll be the first one to admit that. But they can eat you out of house and home! So what’s the young parents to do? One idea is to use disposable diapers only when you go someplace, such as the grocery store. If you baby wets a lot at night, you might even want to use them at night too. During the day, around the house, put the baby in cloth diapers. You will have to change the baby every hour or two, maybe more or less, but using cloth just part of the day will result in a nice savings.

Baby clothes and such can be found used for just a fraction of the cost. Why spend all that money on something Baby will only use for a few weeks? Take the cradle, for example. Why buy a new one, when baby will outgrow it in maybe a couple of months? Baby clothes are quickly outgrown, but new ones are expensive. Again, you can save a bundle by shopping thrift stores, yard sales, and store sales.

When my children were babies, I stayed home with them. I might have worked an entire year in the past twelve years. My family has never made a lot of money. As a matter of fact, most people would consider us on the poor side. How have I been able to stay home with my kids?

I believe in saving money where it can be saved. I used cloth diapers part of the time, I use coupons when I did buy disposables, and those were the store brand rather than name brand. I diluted juices instead of buying the baby juice, shopped yard sales and thrift stores for used baby clothes and baby items, etc. And I didn’t work outside the home and pay ridiculous child care costs.

The main thing to remember when raising your baby is that *you* control what you spend. If you just want to give your money to the retailers, it is after all your money. But know that you don’t have to give away your hard earned money, if you’ll just take the extra few moments and make a few tiny changes. The money you save now, while Baby is a baby, will make a nice nest egg for special things later in life.

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