How to Stage Your Home so it Looks It’s Best!

The most important thing when you’re selling your home is that first impression you want to give to your buyers. Curb appeal from the outside is important, as the majority of buyers will want to “drive by” before actually setting up an appointment to view the inside. First impressions are important. You want your home to look comfortable, but not cluttered or too bare. You want it to be inviting, so your potential buyers can picture themselves living there. You want to capture their emotion as they walk through your house!

1.Pick up all the clutter. So you’ve gone through the house, and it looks pretty clean to you right? Guess again. What seems clean to you, might not to people coming into your home. Clean up yesterday’s newspapers off the coffee table, grab that loose Cheerio that somehow found it’s way under the table, and recycle all those magazines from last year that you think you’ll get around to reading “soon.”

2.Pack up! The main goal here is to move. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t have your house for sale! You’re going to need to pack anyway, so it’s a great time to get started. Pack up those things that you won’t need, such as knickknacks. As sentimental as they are to you, they give the feeling of “clutter” to a lot of people. You won’t need them soon, so wrap them up carefully and pack them away. DO leave some decorations up; you still want the house to feel “homey.”

3.Furniture. If you have large or overstuffed furniture in your living room, it might be time to take out a piece or two, or even arrange your rooms to make them look bigger. I know you love that recliner after a long day at work, but if takes up most of the living room, you might want to relocate it for the time being.

4.Touch up paint. Nothing is a better quick return then a touch up coat of paint. If you’re like most people, you’ll start to notice places on the walls that could use a little touching up, after you move those knickknacks. There might be scruff marks here and there, or perhaps it’s time to change your daughter’s hot pink walls into more of a neutral color. Remember not everyone likes florescent paint to fall asleep with at night! I’m not suggesting you hire the local painters, unless it’s a fairly large project, but many times just a gallon or two can get the job done. It tidies up the house, and can make a fresh appearance to your potential buyer.

5.Pet odors. This is a tough one because you don’t want to admit that little Fido smells, but chances are he’s got a bit of a whiff to him. Shampoo the dog, clean the carpets and remember to change the cat box. Just because you’re used to Fido’s odor, doesn’t mean potential buyers can’t smell him, especially non-pet owners.

6.Landscaping. If it’s spring, summer or fall, you can pick up some color at your local nursery or even stores like Wal-mart. Remember curb appeal is the first impression! They will see the outside of your house before they see the inside, and you want it to be inviting. Clean up branches and leaves, spread some mulch, keep grass and shrubs cut and you’ll be amazed at what a nice look it gives. Flowers can be relatively cheap, and can add color to compliment the color of your home.

7.Make your home inviting without the floral scents. Burning a candle is fine, but don’t pick a scent that is too overpowering. Pick a soothing smell, such as a vanilla scent. Burning strong oils, or floral scents can bother some people who are sensitive to such things.

Remember the first impression is the most important one! Stage your home to look it’s best and you’re sure to have an easier time selling your home. If you’re unsure, invite a friend or neighbor to come in for a visit and give you an objective view. After living in a residence for a certain amount of time, sometimes it can be difficult to see your own messes!

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