How to Start Your Own Gift Basket Business

Looking to start a business of your own? Are you creative and crafty? Why not consider the business of gift baskets! Everyone loves gift baskets. What’s not to love? A gift basket of all of your favorite goodies arrives on your doorstep or in your office beautifully wrapped and all for you! It’s the perfect gift.

Getting started in the gift basket business is something that can be achieved right in your own home. The materials are simple: baskets, wrapping and items for the filling. Think of your own friends and family, or yourself. What would you appreciate receiving in a gift basket? Have a great idea? Good! Turn it into a gift and a successful business!

Or, consider going with thematic gift baskets. Maybe you could make a ‘sports lovers’ basket and one for crafters like you. Dog owners could have their own special gift order as well as cat owners, their own. Create a business basket that associates could give clients! The ideas are endless.

Or, focus your business around holidays and events. What better than a basket filled with baby necessities for a new mommy or daddy! You could create green and red-themed baskets for the Christmas season and gift baskets filled with red, white and blue noisemakers, lollypops, sparklers and such for the Fourth of July.

Try out some of your ideas before you jump in to your business. Make some prototypes to show to family and friends. Make individual baskets and give them as gifts. Gauge the reactions of the recipients, or simply ask their honest opinion of the gift. Sometimes what we imagine to be a brilliant idea is seen a dim one to others. No need to invest in supplies if the basket won’t be a seller!

It is probably a good idea to limit your vast ideas to a relatively small number at first. Consider focusing your business on five or 10 baskets to get yourself started. Otherwise, you might find yourself overwhelmed and undersupplied to create your baskets.

Have your ideas? Ready to get started? You need to find supplies for your business. Consider connecting with a craft wholesaler to cut costs. Buying in bulk should lower your costs.

Advertise! Put yourself out there! Make appointments to meet with local business owners who might consider advertising your gift baskets. Be sure to bring a sample to leave behind. Choose businesses that will bring business to you. For example, try your local florist. Some florists create their own gift baskets, but if they don’t, they may consider selling yours and sharing in the profits. Talk to your local salon owner. Most buyers will probably be women. Most women go to the salon. Ask if you can leave flyers and a sample gift basket. And, last but not least, rely on word of mouth. Ask your friends and family to spread the word to fellow workers and other friends. Before you know it, the gift basket orders will be pouring in!

Of course, be sure to research and follow all of your local laws and requirements regarding the creation of your business. Be sure to obtain your business license before proceeding with your gift basket business.

After your gift basket business has met with success via in-person and telephone orders, you might want to consider taking the next step. Take your business to the Internet. You could set up a website where customers could order gift baskets right from their home computer, any time day or night! Again, be sure to research and follow protocol regarding business on the Internet.

There’s no greater satisfaction than turning a hobby or interest into a successful business venture. Ready for that satisfaction? Start your gift basket business today!

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