How to Store Leftover Wrapping Paper

Once your presents have been wrapped, you may find yourself with leftover wrapping paper. Because of this you will need to find a storage solution in order to store your wrapping paper for later use. Here are some storage solutions for storing your leftover wrapping paper.

Under the bed storage containers are typically long and flat. The shape of these containers makes them useful for storing leftover wrapping paper. You can buy several under the bed storage containers to store wrapping paper for different occasions such as Christmas, Birthday, or Anniversary wrapping paper.

Cardboard tubes meant for storing posters can also be used to store individual tubes of wrapping paper. Make sure to write down the details of the wrapping paper on the outside of the tube making the individual tube easy to find. One way of labeling cardboard tubes for wrapping paper storage is to tape a piece of the wrapping paper on the outside of the tube. Leftover scraps from wrapping a present would be great for serving this purpose.

Another method of storing wrapping paper is to use two same sized cardboard boxes. Leave one end of both boxes opened, using tape to keep the flaps in a standing position so they won’t close. Place your rolls of wrapping paper into one box. Next use the other box as a “lid” for your standing wrapping paper container.

Curtain rods can be purchased inexpensively when purchased from a discount store, yard sale, or on clearance. Designate an area in your home such as a craft room to hang these curtain rods. Use the rods to hold the rolls of wrapping paper as a storage solution. Using this storage idea means you can have easy access to your rolls of wrapping paper rather than tucking them away.

Zip-up plastic garment bags that hang in the closet can be great for storing wrapping paper in. This solution would be great if you are limited in space. You can store these in your regular clothes closet, jacket closet, or the closet in a spare bedroom. You can include other wrapping supplies such as tape and ribbon on the bottom of the garment bag to have all of your wrapping supplies in one convenient location.

In order to keep your wrapping paper from unraveling there are a few tricks you can use. Some people use tape, but using tape can rip your paper. Fabric ponytail holders available in your local drug store, grocery store, or beauty supply chain and can be purchased rather inexpensively. Wrap these ponytail holders around each end of your roll of wrapping paper to secure. Ribbon is also a nice choice for keeping your wrapping paper from unraveling. Simply tie the ribbon around each end of your wrapping paper to keep the paper in place. Make sure to only single tie, rather than double tie, your ribbon so that you can use the same piece over again as your roll of wrapping paper shrinks.

The next time you find yourself with leftover wrapping paper you can use one of the above ideas to store your leftovers. When deciding on which method you use you should think about how much space you have for storing your wrapping paper and where you will be storing them in your home.

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