How to Write a Personal Statement

Whether we apply for graduate school, or for summer camp, or for some studying program – we always need to write a personal statement in order to present ourselves and show why we need to be taken. This is why we have to write the “narrative stories” about ourselves. Usually we are trying to write either general, comprehensive personal statements or the statement as a response to some specific questions. But not all of us know how to write a really successful personal statement. Truthfully, there is no single formula for how to write the best personal statement ever. Though there are a lot of advices on how to write it and if you use some of them – your essay would surely be very good.

The personal statement is a document that gives the most interesting and necessary information about the person whom it is written about. Thus you need to write about your finest qualities in an honest manner. Usually good essay consists of 5 paragraphs. The first one is introductory, the second, the third and sometimes the forth are supporting paragraphs and then sometimes the forth and the fifth paragraphs are called the ending or summary paragraphs of your personal statement.

A lot of sources on how to write a successful personal essay state that you should tell a story about yourself. In that story first of all you should write about your concrete experience. It is also desired that you would write something unique about yourself in the statement. That will make you memorable for those who read your paper. It is necessary to be specific while writing a personal statement. If you, for instance, want to become a teacher – you should write about your teaching experience and not about the engineering practice you had during the summer vacations.

The most important part in personal essay is the middle part of it, as most of the sources state. In this part you should write more precisely about the interests and the experience you have in the particular field. The experts advice to be as specific as possible in this part of essay while writing about your field of interest. You can also use the specific professional language or refer to some works or books you have read or professionals you talked to on such a topic.

Though the main question that appears when writing a personal statement is how to begin it. Some sources advice to put “I” on a blank page and to think a little about your own story after that. Then you need to write a story in a free way – just as it flows out of your mind. After this the story should “rest” and only then you should begin to rewrite it. Then you need to read it aloud and it would be better if you had some friends listen to your story.

If you or your friends do not like some parts of your essay, you need to rewrite them once again. After all these stages are made, your essay is done and you can hand it in.There are also some things you do not need to do in your essay. It is forbidden to have any grammar mistakes in the personal statement. It is also not applicable to have slang or jargon words in your document. You do not need to include clich�©s, use gimmicks, complain or preach in the personal statement you write. You do not need to have your essay focused too much on other individuals and you surely do not want your statement to look like a term paper or an autobiography. You also need not to forget to proofread your document after it is written.

Thus when writing a personal statement you should take to consideration the advices on how to write it. But you should also work out your own way of putting everything together after studying all the details about proper writing. In this case you will have your own best personal statement ever.

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