How to Study For the GRE Verbal Reasoning

Graduate Record Examination or GRE was created by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the US in 1949 for students who seek higher education. It is not only used in the US but all over the world as a standard testing procedure particularly for engineering students. It aims to test students in verbal, quantitative and analytical writing sections. Each section is important and must be cleared.

There are two verbal reasoning sections based on twenty questions and 30 minutes are allowed to finish. It is important that you do well in this section to achieve a high score. You can follow some easy tips to help you study for the GRE verbal reasoning section.


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    Get Good Books

    You need to get some good preparation books for the GRE. These must have some good exercises at the conclusion of each section so that you not only learn but also are able to practice it as well.

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    You need to have a good vocabulary and it can be built over a period of time. The best way to go about it is to read books and newspapers. Whenever a new word comes, understand the meaning and use it in sentences to remember the syntax of these words. It is not a process that takes place overnight and should be done well in advance. If you are aware that you will be taking the GRE down the road, it is best to start building your vocabulary from today.

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    Since reading is an important part of the test, you must read practice passages regularly and make use of them. Try to go through four to five passages each day in order to get used to the format. As you are able to read quicker, you will be able to score higher on the test.

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    Online Practice

    As you practice even more and have gotten hold of most important words or vocabulary in the GRE, you can start taking online exams. It is recommended that this is only done when the preparation is at an advanced stage and you are confident in your ability to tackle tough passages and words. Be sure to practice well before the test and keep on improving your score. Doing so is going to help you on the day of the test.

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