Difference Between Catholic and Jehovah’s Witness

In Christianity, two religious organisations are most prominent which are Catholic and Jehovah’s Witness. Although these religious organisations take knowledge from a singles source known as Bible but the teachings of a Catholics and Jehovah’s Witness are different from in some aspects. The teachings of these two Christian groups are based on the teachings of Jesus but these two religious organisations differ in the identity of Jesus, concept of afterlife, concept of hell and heaven, celebrations, number of Bible books, politics and other governmental activities and government.


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    The identity of Jesus differs for both Catholics and Jehovah’s Witness. Catholics believe Jesus as God Himself based on trinity, the Father and Son and Holy Ghost. They also believe that noble and good people will go to heaven by St. Peter and all wicked, evil or bad people will be doomed to eternal hell. Catholics also have a say in politics as they vote for candidates in elections and they also participate in military activities. They have merged Church and Politics in order to cope up with the demands of current day. They have also added additional seven Catholic books in the original sixty six Bibles. Catholics use Bibles that do not include the name of God which is Jehovah/Yahweh.

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    Jehovah Followers:

    On the other hand, the followers of Jehovah consider Jesus as God Himself. This is the one of the most prominent and major differences between Catholics and Jehovah’s Witness. They believe that the dead body does not feel anything after death and it will remain in the similar senseless condition until the Jehovah’s Judgment day. They believe that a battle would take place between devil and Jehovah. After that war, followers of Jehovah believe that the dead would rise again and will live with their loved ones again. They do not participate in any kind of governmental activity and think that there is only one government which is the God’s Kingdom which is the highest one. They do not participate in elections and do not vote for anyone. They also stay away from the celebrations of birthdays other religious occasions considering them a pagan origin. They are stick to the original sixty six books of Bible and always pay emphasis to the name of God included in their scriptures.

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