Tonka Firefighter Review

Tonka Firefighter: Review of Story
In Atari’s Tonka Firefighter for kids ages three to six, players become the new recruit at the town’s fire department. With a list of jobs to complete before the fireworks celebration, the new recruit begins his or her training. The job list transports players to a number of games or tasks where players will use a fire dozer, helicopter, pumper truck, and ladder truck to fight careless fires, battle an erupting volcano, and clean up for the nights special fireworks celebration.

Tonka Firefighter: Review of Games and Activities
In this computer game, each fire vehicle is used to complete two activities. In the fire dozer, kids will knock down trees and burning beach items to stop fires. In the helicopter, players put out fires started by hot lava and save kittens from a sinking ship. The pumper truck is needed to put out a warehouse fire, and wash up the park, and finally, in the ladder truck, players put out a fire in a tool factory, and practice rescuing firefighters with the bucket. Moving between each activity or vehicle is simple – just click on the job list.

Tonka Firefighter: Review of Skills
Skills learned in this computer game include some fire safety, and following directions. Most of the activities involve aiming and blasting fires with a hose, lining up buckets, and knocking down items on fire. Between jobs, kids can drive the different vehicles around town. Instructions are clear and most of the activities are easy to do.

Tonka Firefighter: Extras
Inside the fire station, player will find printable signs, certificates, coloring pages, and more.

Tonka Firefighter: Perfect for Players Who…
This children’s computer game is perfect for kids who have an interest in fire departments, enjoying knocking stuff down with bulldozers, and would like driving the different fire vehicles.

Tonka Firefighter: Best Activities:
� Creating a firework display at the end. Players can control the shape, color, and sound of the fireworks.
� Knocking down trees to stop the fire.

Reasons to buy Tonka Firefighter by Atari:
Fun activities where kids get to be the fireman or woman.

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