I Don’t Want to Live Without My Casio CTK-571 Keyboard

Imagine being able to play more than 100 musical instruments, without ever having lessons. What would it be like to have a musical instrument that shows you each note to play for almost 100 songs? Imagine that you could slow the tempo down, on the feature that shows you which note to play, if necessary, to be able to learn to play those songs. Imagine a musical instrument that would be easy to play, that you could feel confident in playing before a crowd, with only a little practice. My Casio CTK-571 keyboard allows me to do all these things and more. Because I am able to read music just a little, playing is easier, but the keyboard would make it simple for someone to play who could not read a note.

My wife and I bought the keyboard last year, so I would be able to learn to play hymns at a Bible study for the elderly that we teach at an assisted living care center. We have used it for that on several occasions, but it has bought hours of pleasure just listening to the songs and learning to play a variety of songs that are programmed into it.

The Casio CTK-571 keyboard allows me to press a variety of buttons to make the music sound like a variety of kinds of instruments: various types of pianos; percussion instruments; various types of organs; various stringed instruments that would be in an orchestra; various ensemble stringed instruments; brass instruments; reed instruments; pipe instruments; and ethnic instruments, such as a sitar; banjo; and bag pipe.

When hitting the keys, one can make the sounds of several kinds of pianos, including: a grand; a bright; a honky-tonk; an electric grand; two other kinds of electric pianos; and a harpsichord.

One can make a variety of types of organ music on my Casio CTK-571 keyboard, including, a church organ, a rock organ, a reed organ, a harmonica, and an accordion.

One can make the sounds of a violin, viola, cello, contrabass, or other stringed orchestra instruments.

One can make the sounds of a trumpet, tuba, trombone, or clarinet.

The Casio CTK-571 keyboard also allows me to choose from a variety of background sounds to complement the instrument and song being played. I can choose from Pop, Dance, Rock, Jazz, European, and Latin/Various. Included in the Latin/Various categories are Fast Gospel, Slow Gospel, Country, and Bluegrass.

Lest you think such an instrument would not be for you because you don’t read music, the makers of my Casio CTK-571 keyboard have thought of that. It has a feature that, if used will show the user each note to be played next on any of the many songs programmed into the keyboard. You can even press a different button to speed up or slow the song down, if that makes it easier to learn. The feature to teach you has three levels, so if you learn how to play a song at the easier level, you can go on to the medium level, followed by the harder level.

Someone who owns a Casio CTK-571 keyboard has no shortage of songs he can either just listen to or learn to play. The keyboard has countless songs already programmed into it, including: a 50 song bank; 20 etudes; and 30 concert pieces. Included in the song bank are such songs as: the theme from Titanic, the theme from Star Wars, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Michael Row the Boat Ashore; Danny Boy; Greensleeves; Silent Night; and Jingle Bells. Included with the etudes are: Beautiful Dreamer; Amazing Grace; and Joy to the World. Included in the concert pieces are: Candle in the Wind; Somewhere Over the Rainbow; and The Entertainer.

I would not want to live without my Casio CTK-571 keyboard. It makes me sound more talented than I actually am. It brings personal enjoyment and enjoyment to others.

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