I Failed My Driving Test

When every single person on this earth turns the ripe old age of 16, they have one thing on their mind: getting their drivers license. When that day rolled around, you bet I was worried about my license. I was 0 for 2 with the questions part of my exam quiz. I failed the first time by one question and the second time I bombed it. My score was so bad the second time I don’t even remember how many I got right or wrong. The reality is I know I flat out failed it. Now the second part of the challenge was getting my actual license. Round one happened at the Dublin location of the Drivers Center.

The first time, everybody always gets the scary guy. As soon as the test started, I was frozen solid so that I didn’t make a mistake. Parallel parking, the part I had most trouble with was the first part of the test. I begun the parallel parking process and I backed my car in with the knowledge that you are allowed three reverses. The point came to where I used all three reverses and I was in trouble. I eventually got my car into the parking space but wouldn’t ya know I was too far out from the curb according to the guy in the blue shirt with the instructor tag so he failed me. After that, my head was hung low in disappointment that I failed. The second try of the test at Huntington Valley didn’t even get off the ground because the parking lights on my mom’s car weren’t working so because of that I wasn’t allowed to continue the experience with faulty lights. The third try brought me back to Dublin, where I had failed the first time.

This time around, I didn’t get a scary looking guy for a tester. He was actually normal looking. The test started, I was feeling confident. Parallel parking wasn’t my specialty. I parked my car in the spot. It wasn’t the best parallel parking job in the world but he just told me that it was close enough and that he wasn’t going to be anal about the right length I need to be away from the curb. Pulling out of the shopping center, I lucked out because I had a school bus on route 313 that was dropping off kids so that took care of all traffic. An empty road was in front of me ready to kick its ass to get my license. I pulled out onto 313 and continued the rest of the test carefully not to make a wrong move or any mistakes. The instructor and I then returned to command central and I got the best news in the world that I had been waiting for. Bam, I got a license. Now I was able to drive legally. We then walked in and got everything situated and I had that magic little piece of plastic in my hand. I walked out of Dublin that day a happy man.

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