Ideas for Concealing Your Insulin Pump

There are various types of insulin pumps, infusion sets, remote-controlled gadgets and other pumping devices, most of which are very obvious. If you want to wear your pump without it being seen, there are some innovative ways to do so. Some people don’t even care if the device can be seen, but are simply interested in toting it without having to carry it in-hand.

There are lots of different ways to conceal the pumping device that are comfortable and barely detectable. Wearing it under clothes is one of the most popular ways to conceal it, though. Some people wear a special piece of clothing under their normal clothes, to hold the device in place, whereas others simply make a band to carry it.

Clip the pump onto the underside of a bathrobe lapel or pajama collar, stitch a small pocket into the back of bras, or use baby socks and clip them under clothing. Slip it into the top of panty hose or just put it in a pocket.

Cut a small hole behind shirt or dress pockets to hold the pump. The hole will allow you to slip the tubing through. You can also wear a cell phone case on your belt, with the case holding the pump. Cigarette cases and some chain purses work well, too.

Make a thigh strap, with velcro and cloth, to conceal the pump under the clothing. These can be made to fit the waist, or even the top part of your arm. An elastic elbow or knee bandage works great – sew a pocket onto it or just tuck the device under the wrap. Or, wear tennis shorts under your regular clothing and tuck the pump in the waistband. Slip the pump into the top part of boots. Wear an elastic ankle band and tuck the device behind it.

Kids often like to use fanny packs to carry their pumpers. It’s easy to use safety pins to hang the device under girls’ skirts. Or, make a pouch that hangs around the neck. For bedtime clip the device onto the side of the fitted sheet.

Insulin pumpers make life easier for diabetics but it’s often a challenge to figure out how to wear the pump with certain garments. Use some of these tips to carry or even hide the pump and tubing and life will be even easier.

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