The Best Self-help Books for People with Eating Disorders

The Best Self-help Books for People with Eating Disorders. One of the biggest problem i have is that i eat too much. But i am not alone, as it turns out overeating is a world-wide problem and so are other eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. For normal people its one thing but those who have eating disorders may feel as though the disorder will never go away but it can, and it will, as soon as you commit yourself to discovering what lies beneath the disorder. Where did it really originate from? Is it childhood trauma, peer pressure, ridicule and bad experiences can lead to eating disorders. Once you’ve figured out why you have the disorder you will then be able to prevent it from ever ruining your life.There are some great self-help books available on today’s bookshelves that can help some people find their way back to normalcy when it comes to eating. Some of those who have experienced an eating disorder, and has overcome it, sharing their experiences and advice is something they feel strongly about doing so that others can be free as well.


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    The Appetite Awareness Workbook

    One great book is called 'The Appetite Awareness Workbook: How to Listen to Your Body and Overcome Bingeing, Overeating & Obsession With Food'. It's written by a woman doctor who recognizes the differences between normal eaters and overeaters. Her book is aimed at helping people with eating disorders to realize actual hunger pangs, recognize feelings about food and comfort, as well as developing a schedule that will help eliminate overeating. The book covers an eight week program to renew your life and your ways of thinking about food. Written by Linda W., Ph.D., the book attempts to start the reader slowly towards an incline to better health.


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    The book 'Life Without Ed: How One Woman Declared Independence From Her Eating Disorder and How You Can Too' is a unique book with a completely different take on eating disorders. Written by a psychologist, with one of his eating-disorder patients, the book tells of the voice in the woman's head that represents "Ed", her eating disorder. The book take the approach that anyone can "break off the relationship" between "Ed" and themselves. Uplifting, supportive, and inspirational, this book is much different than other eating-disorder stories and books.

    Psychologists and psychiatrists have long known that eating disorders are directly linked to mental anguish and trauma. The author of 'Breaking Free From Emotional Eating' shares her own experiences with an eating disorder and reminds us that we're not alone. Thousands of others have the same problem but it takes an emotional commitment to let go of the pain to discover the real you. This is a must-read book written by Geneen Roth.


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    'It's Not About Food: Change Your Mind; Change Your Life; End Your Obsession With Food And Weight

    Since eating disorders grow from some trauma or anguish in our lives, it's important to learn how to discover what that our own eating disorder stems from and how to deal with it once and for all. In the book 'It's Not About Food: Change Your Mind; Change Your Life; End Your Obsession With Food And Weight' the authors attempt to encourage those with eating disorders to recognize the hunger in their souls which we attempt to replace with food. The book has a caring attitude, explains situations well, recognizes the pain in every overeater, and helps the discouraged to feel alive and well again. This book really gets to the soul of the reader; if you read no other book, read this one.


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    'Reprogramming the Overweight Mind: 7 Steps to Taking Control of Your Subconscious', written by Kelly Burris, explains how overeaters should ask "Why Is It Broken?" rather than "How Can I Fix It?", to get to the root of the problem over their eating disorders. Working on repairing the subconscious rather than dieting techniques the book will guide the reader through recognition, access, and change on a conscious, then subconscious level. Getting your mind fit before getting your body fit is the underlying message in this fabulous and caring book.

    There are many self-help books on the market, and there will be thousands more to come, but when it comes to eating disorders these are some of the finest and most helpful books printed. If you've decided it's time to break the cycle pick up one of these books today and get on with a whole new life.

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