Ideas to Help Start a Revolution

They’ve locked us in this box.
Advanced cage with bricks for bars.
Artificial warmth invades our lungs.
Out sweats our lives.
We’re all the same in here.
Monotony echoes decadence
as we search our lides for any dark pleasure
or hold them open and trace our memories on the air.
Boredom rots the mind.
I drift off, leave the pack.
Mind finds you cause you’re never far(always there).
Wonder where you’ve gone today.
Slowly I fade(zone) in and out.
Rarely listen in, but when I do I get the gist of it,
That we’re all hypocrites.
Simple minds, ignorant ways, minus me.
Makes me wanna scream.
Ah, hello unmasked lashes.
Say goodbye to conformity.

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